A yellow bye

a yellow bye

Have you ever played with the white balance of your camera? Usually is modified to get accurate colors (cloudy, sunny, shade, tungsten, etcetera) but you can alter the way your camera sees the reality.

In this case I made the white balance cooooold xD so this sunset with reds and oranges skies would be a yolk yellow yummy color surrounded by blues ^^

So if there is a lesson today is that you can have fun and paint with your camera :P

25 thoughts on “A yellow bye

  1. I think photographs are like painting. And I think all sunsets are painted upon the sky by a ¨little Japanese man¨. I usually applaud after it´s over :)

    1. Thank you dear Landa ^^ I am not familiar with the term (and Google didn’t help much)… although of course I love the traditional Japanese and Chinese paintings ^-^

      1. Ahhh … that is my mistake Francis. Actually the ¨Little Japanese Man¨ was how I used to imagined – God, the Deity, The Goddess, Nature or whatever you want to call it – painting sunsets in the summer time! I applauded Him, Her, It; whatever it was, for the choice of color palette, waves, patterns … everything. And no… I´m not Japanese or Asian. But the nuances and ways of the sunsets were so subtle and yet so huge, at both, hard and hazed, that it made me think about Japanese art. xox

      2. If that is a mistake is a beautiful one, Landa. ^-^
        Thank you for your explanation, is quite kind… I believe in the nature as a kind of ancestor we have to care, a grandparent. : )
        Little Japanese Man, it’s so warm and delicate. ^o^

  2. It looks so beautiful, ..a waaarm kind of cold, the soft blue framing the yummy yellow and the yellow brightly painting the blues ^_^

  3. I am really not good at playing with pictures, Francis. I may dare an automatic white balance correction or tweak the luminosity/contrast. But if I do more, then, it’s just ugly ! Everyone his, or her, talent. Yours is to build inside-out sculptures and emotional pictures. Mine is mostly black and white on paper. Have a great day, Francis !

    1. Great day for you as well Gilles (well, I hope you had a wonderful one, here it just starts) I’d love certainly to have a talent drawing as clear as yours. I don’t even see corrections in your drawings!

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