Art inside

art inside


I’d just want a hole in the wall so its art would be the changing sky.

I can dream designs of complex structures and shapes dressed in titanium flakes,

oriental arches with golden vaults and sultry textures of oriental splendor…

But instead I just want a hole to see the sky, and nothing, or nobody, more (-_-‘)

25 thoughts on “Art inside

  1. A hole in the wall is a piece of freedom and it’s art, too.
    Because of our climate our holes in walls are called windows 😉
    Best wishes from far away,

    1. Thank you Ulli. That is a complicated matter of normative. In Peru a window is a device inside a hole in a wall with wich you can control ventilation and illumination. Here or in Germany usually that’s made with a crystal or glass. Without such element… it is just a hole and nothing more.

  2. As usual, Francis, your post.. really elegant in a lovely way. : ) The sky looks unbelievably peaceful, as if time stopped. Well, we always say time flows, or runs, when we could say it also stays, in a way.. Second by second it does, if not more often.. maybe for the shutter to click and for us to be able to grasp the art of the ..changing skies, even through the wind’s eyes ^_^ So, almost like you said, here’s a ..”you’ve-been-nicely-framed” moment for you, dear Time! And sky. ^.^

    1. That is a window toward the west, in some days the sun fall directly in that direction :O it’s so beautiful.Although I enjoyed the view just a few weeks because they are now, of course, windows with glass :D
      And yes, time flies, specially in sunsets when in matter of seconds the sun is already behind the horizon.
      Thank you \^.^/

      1. Westward, I didn’t know about this word, and it’s quite nice. Thank you Nicol ^o^
        It makes me think in “el ángel de la ventana de oriente” that would be “the angel of the eastward window”, a story by Hugo Pratt ^^

      2. ^^ ..didn’t know about it either, I think it just came somehow, out of the blue ^o^ And.. happy it did, now I’ll look for that story ^.^

      3. It’s a comic, of a sailor, Corto Maltese, that decides to go to have adventures in the Sea and see a Gypsy (he is half Gypsy) to be read the palm of his hand.She tells him that his line of fortune is so short that probably he is going to die. He takes his knife and makes it longer and start his adventures sailing the sea : )

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