19 thoughts on “Waves in green and yellow

  1. Looks like such a peaceful place, Francis.. almost like the sky is telling the earth a story in a whisper and the red castle is somehow eavesdropping.. ^-^ ..sensing the calm before the storm that never was. ^_^

    1. Thank you, Nicol ^^ I was drawn by the ondulated shapes, as in the logo of a Pepsi coke, sounds strange to say but memories somehow can be quite strong : )
      Minutes before the sky was a gray matter covering the landscape, and suddenly they opened. Certainly the whisper was one so intimate that it was said far from the castle n_n

    1. That day I walked a lot, I had loved some help, and perhaps a costume to be the fifth telletubie xD
      Thank you for your compliment, Meri. ^-^/

    1. Thank you very much for think in me, I enjoy your blog as it’s a cultural discovering of Egypt. : )
      For that I am so sorry, I don’t participate in challenges, and even worse… for personal rule my words have to be my thoughts, for that almost there aren’t quotes in my publications.
      Warm greetings from Peru.

      1. I m happy that you enjoy my blog – thank you very much for that. Of course I respect your opinion so I am sorry that I tagged you i will not do it again :] i meant it with good attention. Have nice evening :)

      2. Don’t worry please there is no part in my blog where you could have known that I not participate on them so it’s my fault ^_^
        Nice evening there as well. : )

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