Symmetry of two


Symmetry of two


In the ancient Peru when a building was finished in its construction it has dual figures in the top, and other two figures (as twins) buried in the underground. They represent a kind of thanks and a wish of good luck and fortune. If they are not in pairs then they are not supposed to work.

When Spaniards came in that hurtful event the bulls they bring showed such power that the animals used before were replaced by them. These bulls are called “Bulls of Pucará”, pronounced Pooh-kah-rah. So it is the culture evolving and adapting. Change is important in life.

26 thoughts on “Symmetry of two

  1. The fine details in the wall and its color look so nice. And the patch of sky.. looks like it’s in the building somehow, so serene. ^-^ The legend or traditions there sound nice, too, Francis. They show that kind of communion between human beings and the other things, buildings in this case, quite interesting. : )

    1. I love reflections, and red with blue is a combination I love as well. : ) It’s not red/blue but it’s close.
      And as a native I love dualities so the two bulls, the two pilars in the borders of the window… ^_^

      1. You’re right, yes.. I hadn’t thought about that, thank you, Francis, it seems so interesting. ^-^ Then also, maybe the duality given by the reflection, up and down, outside like seen from the inside, sky mirrored on earth, and why not, the photographer.. : ) opposite the window. Really nice. ^_^

      2. Exactly… the dualities just don’t stop in two elements but they have so many subtle ways to express, in the same image. :O
        Can you believe this was shot with a compact camera with 3.2 megapixeles? ^^

      3. Not really, no.. ^^ It’s an elegant shot, seems like a complex image, simple but manifold.. for instance, one more duality could be light and darkness, right? : ) The bright wall versus the dark reflection of the building opposite, like light containing/conquering darkness. ^-^

      4. Yes. : )
        Light darkness, public private, orange blue, rough texture crystal texture, light darkness, outside inside, old new, European architecture native culture, mirrored opaque… so many possibilities.
        And it is my point of view and your point of view, masculine femenine, European American, evocative nostalgic, discovering remembering… ^.^

      5. Oh well.. amazing, I’m impressed. I couldn’t’ve come up with so many, really, I see them all now. ^.^ So nice, rough-crystal texture or European-native architecture.. I like them all, thank you, Francis. ^^

      6. Thanks to you, Nicole. Actually perhaps we are a bit obsessive with that as our symmetries go until a seventh level, beyond dual symmetry are symmetries of three, four, five… ^_^

      7. I think that’s pretty interesting, I just like it. It’s not something I know much about, I’d have to read more to find out. You’re welcome, Francis. : )

    1. Here we say it a bit different “cucara macará, titere fue, yo no fui, fuetete…” ^_^
      Pucará in this case is from the Quechua word for “Fortress” there is a rocky hill in the city where the bulls are done.
      Thanks for coming, Landa. \^.^/

      1. hehe xD that teasing felt like a mischievous smile ^w^
        The next time I will catch you. ^^
        You are always welcome, Landa. n_n

  2. Wow. Interesting story. I am part Pequot, I believe it was the First Nations Tribe that was the first to be systematically purposely obliterated by the white men that came from Europe. This happened in the late 18th century. The Pequot were matrilineal and had a complex system of government. Those members that weren’t murdered outright were sent to the Caribbean to work alongside African slaves in the sugar cane trade.

    Neither here nor there but it’s interesting how conquerors affect world view.

    1. It’s part of history we need to know so we don’t repeat it again, without resentment as those men and women in some way also were conquered as their descendants certainly love and care the land.
      I am not sure how Pequot people had been but I’d love to think that your gentleness and love to the light in your lakes, and that spirit to protect memories of the past are also Pequot qualities.

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