The silent march

the silent march


Drums play a rhythm from an unknown, hide from eyes, ship. If it’s a pirate one from old times nobody knows; but every boat goes to there across the ending day.

The sun is orange, but the drums would like it red. There is something scary in them.

20 thoughts on “The silent march

    1. Thank you dear Landa. ^-^ There was no title, thanks to your comment I see I hadn’t written it, then a thank you more for your presence. : )

  1. Splendid orange, always fascinating. ^-^ And your words.. sound mysterious in such an elegant way.. “The sun is orange, but the drums would like it red.”

    1. Nicole ^^/ It’s the place where Sir Francis Drake arrived in his travels across Peru. So to me that magic hour where the sun almost tints in red the sea is the same as Sir Francis would think in battles in the ports and intense images of war and ships trying to catch him. ^^

      1. Francis, I didn’t know that.. ^.^/ thank you for telling me, it sounds so nice and interesting, thank you. Sir Francis and thoughts of long gone battles.. all against that magical sky, marvelous. Lovely way of seeing it, and intense indeed, like a strong silent bond between present and past. ^-^

      2. Yes… that’s one reason I love that park with its grassy slope in front of this sea. Time seems to be unreal and eternal. Suddenly the outside world is another machine with its own pace working absent of there. ñ_ñ

    1. Oh no! Meri scape from my hands again!! I knew I had felt a pair of blue eyes behind me. It’s a happy honor to have such a dear stalker in you, Meri. Thank you. ^-^

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