27 thoughts on “Sidereal clock

      1. For the time, it is incredibly sophisticated. It also shows that gears were well mastered ! This is the only existing trace of this knowledge ! This is probably because it was sunk as part of the load of a boat while any existing gear on ground was recycled in something else ! Still, this is just amazing !

      2. A great scientific accomplishment impossible to do after centuries after… and also artistically it is quite beautiful. So many calculus in just one device is breathtaking.

      1. You’re welcome. ^^ And thank you.. I think your pictures and words are also a very beautiful gift. So true, the places there really give that sense of timelessness. ^-^

      2. You’re always welcome as well dear Nicole n_n To me it was like see a kind of solar watch. What is funny because it’s just to set the border of the Air Force property unu

      1. It’s the only way (besides walking) I use. Someday I have to learn to drive hehe, I know in your country you are driving since 15 I think?

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