Sidereal clock

Tell me clock in middle of the nowhere, if there is reason to measure time when you are in middle of the eternity.


27 thoughts on “Sidereal clock

      1. For the time, it is incredibly sophisticated. It also shows that gears were well mastered ! This is the only existing trace of this knowledge ! This is probably because it was sunk as part of the load of a boat while any existing gear on ground was recycled in something else ! Still, this is just amazing !

      2. A great scientific accomplishment impossible to do after centuries after… and also artistically it is quite beautiful. So many calculus in just one device is breathtaking.

      1. You’re welcome. ^^ And thank you.. I think your pictures and words are also a very beautiful gift. So true, the places there really give that sense of timelessness. ^-^

      2. You’re always welcome as well dear Nicole n_n To me it was like see a kind of solar watch. What is funny because it’s just to set the border of the Air Force property unu

      1. It’s the only way (besides walking) I use. Someday I have to learn to drive hehe, I know in your country you are driving since 15 I think?

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