Hidden rose

Thinking in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Another sky in another Earth, except the Sun there is not a star but a somebody; and perhaps he secretly wanted that somebody to be a Beatrice.

(Part of a longer work I’m doing based in Dante’s work)


28 thoughts on “Hidden rose

  1. Your photo looks more like a painting, and so refined.. it’s incredible! I love that shade.. and the cushy clouds, the sun’s appearance.. makes me nearly look for the stairs. ^.^ Indeed, another sky.. a homey one. ^^

    1. Thank you dear Nicole ^^ It was a cloudy day and they looked so strange… as those old illustrations I liked from XIX century. I’d love to see the stars as well : )

      1. I think that’s what I had in mind when I said painting, those illustrations.. : ) Thank you, Francis. Also, I meant.. stairs, because the whole sky up there looks so close, almost like home. ^-^

      2. Never mind, Francis, the stars are contained in the stairs, any way.. ^.^ maybe like beautiful luminous steps. Surely, I’d be happy to do that, also guided by their light. ^-^

      3. Doré’s illustriation in which I based this photograph had a vision of God in the center, and around it a sky with stars. So my mind tricked me in that. :S Hoping you are having a nice evening. ^^

      4. Nice and sunny autumn.. :))) I’m so happy for you. Here we’ve had 10 degrees Celsius today, brrr.. but it’s pretty ok, a nice spring. ^^
        You’re welcome, Francis.

      5. Oh, so cold, but it’s night. (“brrr” cute shivering ^_^) I hope a night with stars, Nicole. Yours are prety for what I saw. ^^

      6. Oh… that means a jacket and a scarf ^^ I just sent you a message. I know it’s pretty late so I hope you can see it tomorrow. Take care so much dear Nicole… : )

    1. It’s my favorite book! I love it since I read it when I was seven years old. But mostly in prose, as a poem I think it would make sense just in Italian. ^_^

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