Hidden rose

hidden rose


Thinking in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Another sky in another Earth, except the Sun there is not a star but a somebody; and perhaps he secretly wanted that somebody to be a Beatrice.

(Part of a longer work I’m doing based in Dante’s work)

28 thoughts on “Hidden rose

  1. If the clouds close the sky it’s good to know the sun is still there. Great shot, Francis
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Your photo looks more like a painting, and so refined.. it’s incredible! I love that shade.. and the cushy clouds, the sun’s appearance.. makes me nearly look for the stairs. ^.^ Indeed, another sky.. a homey one. ^^

    1. Thank you dear Nicole ^^ It was a cloudy day and they looked so strange… as those old illustrations I liked from XIX century. I’d love to see the stars as well : )

      1. I think that’s what I had in mind when I said painting, those illustrations.. : ) Thank you, Francis. Also, I meant.. stairs, because the whole sky up there looks so close, almost like home. ^-^

      2. Never mind, Francis, the stars are contained in the stairs, any way.. ^.^ maybe like beautiful luminous steps. Surely, I’d be happy to do that, also guided by their light. ^-^

      3. Doré’s illustriation in which I based this photograph had a vision of God in the center, and around it a sky with stars. So my mind tricked me in that. :S Hoping you are having a nice evening. ^^

      4. Nice and sunny autumn.. :))) I’m so happy for you. Here we’ve had 10 degrees Celsius today, brrr.. but it’s pretty ok, a nice spring. ^^
        You’re welcome, Francis.

      5. Oh, so cold, but it’s night. (“brrr” cute shivering ^_^) I hope a night with stars, Nicole. Yours are prety for what I saw. ^^

      6. Oh… that means a jacket and a scarf ^^ I just sent you a message. I know it’s pretty late so I hope you can see it tomorrow. Take care so much dear Nicole… : )

    1. It’s my favorite book! I love it since I read it when I was seven years old. But mostly in prose, as a poem I think it would make sense just in Italian. ^_^

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