18 thoughts on “Closed

    1. It’s the cathedral of Puno city, a neo-colonial building. For Christians I think it’s an important building in the region and for the national history of architecture is also part of it. : )

    1. It’s the Cathedral of Puno city, made in 1668 and at 3,830 m (12,556 ft) of altitude. I don’t consider it very special because Peru is full of churches like this, I am sure for a foreigner they have to be a discovering. I tend to visit more our native temples that are the peaks of sacred hills.

      1. It certainly looks more friendly during the day, and all the green, the flowers.. those trees look splendid, such a nice place. Thank you, Francis. ^_^

  1. Stunning capture, Francis! The title you chose also describes the world presently… light and shadows. I hope light prevails. There has been too much darkness lately.
    Merry Christmas, dear friend! xo

    1. Thank you, Rose n.n/ hope things get better, I know it has been not quite the cute Tim Burton darkness, but at least now I am happier by seeing you. A hug and merry Christmas, dear friend. So happy to see you ^_^

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