12 thoughts on “Light over the red labyrinth

    1. Hello, Claudia. Nice to see you. ^_^ It’s the city where I born: Juliaca. It’s at more of 3800 meters above sea level in the Andean Plateau in Perú, near the frontier with Bolivia. The lake Titicaca is an hour of distance by car.

    1. It’s just a diminute fraction of the traffic in the far capital, Lima city. Also the perspective can exaggerate the distance among vehicles, in the place they have more distance. (But there is not a specialized road for cycles so you would need to take care)

  1. It looks like a really crowded city, packed even.. and the way you caught that patch of light makes it look a little mysterious. Nice photo, Francis, I wonder.. are those little white roofs anything special, I also see lots in the distance? : )

    1. Hello and thank you, Nicole ^_^ It’s in part a effect of the perspective, I was I think five kilometers away in the top or our Apu (sacred hill) when I noticed the light precisely in the street. You could get a similar effect of your city photographing with your 55-200mm lens, totally extended (at 200mm) from a tower or hill. Someday you could try ^^
      The little white roofs are roofs made of calamine shining with the sun, there are more in the distance because those are simpler homes in the borders of the city. n_n

    1. Yes, Julie. Actually is fascinating the thought that you and me were, even just a moment, in the same city. ☺
      If you traveled by plane Juliaca is the only airport around lake Titicaca, and if you traveled by bus from Bolivia, Cusco or Arequipa you needed to pass there. It’s not a touristic city but a commercial one. ^^

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