21 thoughts on “fuoshhh…

  1. Almost like a giant bird with ethereal wings ready to envelop and engulf the whole city.. : ) It looks impressive, do dust storms happen there a lot? I like the way the peaks look in the distance, so placid and detached. ^_^

    1. They are very rare, Nicole n_n Actually they use to happen when there are earthquakes in other place. I think the way nature has to correct itself. : )

    1. Yes, sometimes, you have to cover you. But nothing so amazing as in the remake of Mad Max. xD
      Have you ever been caught in one, Rose? Perhaps in Arizona or a place like that?

      1. Haha! I was picturing you in your leather jacket and on a motorcycle, racing against the dust like Mad Max would have :D

        No, I’ve been to Arizona and New Mexico where there are dust storms but have never been caught in one. I guess there’s no Mad Max in me! Lol.

      2. Haha, oh, ehem…! yes, my motorbike… errr, it’s an invisible model, you know? xD Fantastic, I’d love to read Arizona and New Mexico across your words, Rose. ^-^

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