16 thoughts on “zig zag of a valley in middle of a dream

    1. I like to play with movement (for that reason I published it)… I am sure it’s not the taste of everybody, but then again we have to be happy in the way we choose: being authentic to ourselves.
      Thanks for your visit. : )

  1. I’ve always wondered why some dreams feel so real, staying with us no matter how vague or blurred, and some memories just fade away, sometimes.. Not to mention when, while awake, we have that magical feeling of having been there already. ^^ I usually stop for a few seconds and somehow wonder.. am I living my dream or dreaming my life.. almost like in your otherworldly daydreamy photo. : )

    1. Some dreams are refuges, at least in my experience, some places I can visit, for some reason there is an iron train that goes across a forest of oranges. The first time I saw it was when I was five or six years old. There is as well an island and a forest in a hill. In the Andean Plateau there aren’t almost forests… An life… when it’s under a routine we tend to forget it, as one day can resume the other ones… a leaf lost in a forest. In both worlds it should be nice to be happy ^-^

      1. That is interesting, Francis, thank you. And you’re right about life as routine, “a leaf lost in a forest” ..liked that so much, it says it all. ^^ As for happiness, maybe it’s more of a choice, though it depends. ^_^

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