21 thoughts on “Children’s street

  1. Warm colors.. the whole place looks warm and fine, children do need such spots to play freely. And safe. I like the tiled roof of the building on the right, the corner of the street, I think. Also, not sure but to me it seems the sun was setting when you took the photo.. pleasant atmosphere. Have a nice Sunday there, Francis! ^.^/

    1. Yes, the sun was setting with the clouds travelling, there. The night was closer. Hoping you had a beautiful Easter Sunday, Nicole. Thank you. ^^/

      1. I did, I had quite a nice day, pretty full afternoon and evening.. thank you, Francis. ^.^ Yes, every time the sun sets, even if it may not be that obvious in a photo, the atmosphere looks and feels different, special somehow.. that peace and quiet floating in the air, I like that very much, like time slows down for a little while. You’re welcome, Francis. ^.^/

    1. Oh, it’s the light of the sun reflecting in the wire of the public distribution of electric energy. But the sunset made it a beam of light. ^^

  2. And I would play in this light and on this street so beautiful… the textures, the houses, the lines, the closeness with one another and with the earth… everything seems so harmonious to my eyes, so connected to the land…

    1. It’s called the pink city as every home has that color painted in their façades. Adults work in a nearer city so for a time it’s a children city…

  3. Beautiful photo, Francis ~ the warm colors match the warmth of children at play. There is always magic when the young are exploring life. Reminds us to get out and explore too :-) Wishing you a great week ~ take care!

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