21 thoughts on “To brighter ports

  1. Wonderful photo, I like his wings against the sky.. lovely, Francis! ^-^ Serene blue, serene flight.. truly gives the feeling of Infinite freedom. And joy. : )

  2. I get such a feeling of inifinite freedom and pure joy when I project myself into a bird like this one, on a flight over everything…
    And of course, it makes me wonder how we can be so pretentious as to think that we are a “smarter” species, that we are “smarter” than them…
    When I feel and see so much graciousness and freedom, I KNOW that we are not…
    Thank you Francis for such a soulful picture again.

    1. Thank you for your words, Caroline. I think we all would be happy to fly free like them at least just a few minutes, with nothing more than the desire to go.
      I adore so much when they are not moving their wings, just letting themselves to let you be with the wind, as an arrow, enjoying the traject.

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