24 thoughts on “To brighter ports

  1. Wonderful photo, I like his wings against the sky.. lovely, Francis! ^-^ Serene blue, serene flight.. truly gives the feeling of Infinite freedom. And joy. : )

  2. I get such a feeling of inifinite freedom and pure joy when I project myself into a bird like this one, on a flight over everything…
    And of course, it makes me wonder how we can be so pretentious as to think that we are a “smarter” species, that we are “smarter” than them…
    When I feel and see so much graciousness and freedom, I KNOW that we are not…
    Thank you Francis for such a soulful picture again.

    1. Thank you for your words, Caroline. I think we all would be happy to fly free like them at least just a few minutes, with nothing more than the desire to go.
      I adore so much when they are not moving their wings, just letting themselves to let you be with the wind, as an arrow, enjoying the traject.

  3. I look forward to the day when I can return to Peru ~ see Puno Bay and like your Andean Gull, look up into the infinite sky “free to go everywhere.” A great feeling, even if it is only in my mind. I hope you are doing well, Francis. Take care and be happy :-)

    1. Freedom is, I feel, something that burns in men like you, Randall. And sometimes in me, there is that yearning to go to a place I perceive is calling me, a personal country made of roads. I am well, and happy to see you, Randall; and I don’t say it as an expression but as a real thought. Take care so much too, greetings from across the oceans and mountains :=)

      1. Yes, freedom is a complex notion and feeling, at times the desire to feel “it” is so strong and at other times it gets buried under responsibilities and pressure of life. I think it becomes much more important as we grow older. Perhaps we do not experiencing it at the higher frequency as we did when we were younger but that is not a bad thing for now we pay more attention to the quality of it… and can relish the feeling even more :-) I enjoy your words, philosophy, and outlook (photos included!), Francis. Happy to hear you are well and still so engaging even across the vast oceans and mountains! Cheers ~

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