22 thoughts on “Transforming the natural desert in a human desert

    1. Actually the sea is just in front of them,. the whole Ocean Pacific ^^ in Peru it’s different to USA, in Peru poor people leaves outside in hills and rich in the center of districts in the city, in USA rich people lives in the hills instead. : )

    1. Those are car tyres : ) being honest their function it’s not clear to me. Probably to get support to avoid collapsing to the ground or to limit the property.

  1. This image looks both full of life, I mean the colors and the sunny skies, the people there overlooking the ocean.. and somehow touching and affecting, your words in the title being suggestive of a barren place and feeling, almost like a wasteland, though there are human souls living there.. So, time ago, those hills used to be empty, uninhabited.. like it looks on the left, bushes and trees, I imagine. : )

    1. Yes, Nicole. ^-^ This is in the last borders of Lima city, the capital has closer to ten millions of inhabitants. One day it’s going to be a place in middle of a bigger city. The view from there has to be amazin. *_*

  2. If the homes are facing the ocean, it might be quite a pretty place to live. I wonder if it’s also a bit dangerous, though. That hillside looks rather steep. I’d worry about landslides, especially if there was heavy rain.

    1. It’s a desert, almost don’t rain there. City hall makes stairs. Of course it’s not the best of places for persons with problems to walk.

      1. I have this image that deserts are dry for years, and then there are sudden flash floods. I don’t know much about deserts, though, and I’ll bet they’re all very different one from another too. You’re right about walking, by the way. I also wouldn’t like to have to use a bicycle in that part of town. (Well, one way would be okay, I guess.) :)

  3. When I look at your pictures, I often find myself wishing I could be there, feel the experience of being there, if even just for a moment… I blew it up, and searched for people in this picture, to try to see what they would be doing… I found a few, busy at daily things… and I was there for the moment…
    This is so different than my country… so so different…
    Inspite the deserted aspect of it all, I find it very beautiful.
    Thank you Francis.

    1. I was seeing a lot about your country and it’s quite fabulous… I wonder how would be if we could exchange places for a day. In those homes there is always at least one person, they are seeing tv or doing their tasks outside listening to radio. The children are studying and the adults are working.
      The desert is very beautiful, and doesn’t feel like that there because the sea is just a few meters in front of it.
      You are welcome, dear friend. Thank you for your visit.

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