23 thoughts on “A day in the countryside

  1. So much green !? Francis, you move to another country? :D

    Bayern Munchen-Atletico Madrid 2-1 and 0-1
    Real Madrid-Mancester City 1-0 and 0-0
    Final of Champions League: Atletico MADRID-Real MADRID

    F.C. Sevilla-Sahtior Donetk 3-1 and 2-2
    F.C. Liverpool-Villareal 3-0 and 0-1
    Final of Europa League: F.C. Sevilla-F.C. Liverpool

    As you can see, Spain is on command in European football! This is due to financial legislation permissive for sport. Spanish clubs can accumulate huge financial debts without anyone to bother them (in the rest of Europe, this it is not possible). But stars like Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, in every week, make us to forget that!
    After Bayern’s result, is discusses opportunity to takeovers qualification system from South America (not to count the goal scored away and in case of a similar result, to play overtime). We will see what will decide !? I would prefer South American version. Bring more show!

    1. Same country with several climates. : )
      Oh, Spain have more budget in their teams than the whole South America (not counting Brazil and Argentina of course) It sounds a bit dangerous to get in debt, but then again they are used to win.
      Thank you very much Dan for get me close to the football, certainly I can see the news but it’s different when it’s told by a friend. : )

  2. Carpet of green unfolded into the sun.. seems such a peaceful place, Francis. Even the trees seem to be guarding it carefully. ^_^

      1. I think that makes it even nicer, I
        didn’t imagine the sea was close, I love the sea. ^-^ Thank you, Francis, I hope everything is fine there, too. ^^

      2. A lot of work, but I think it’s going to be calmer the next week. I hope everything is fine there, Nicole. ^_^

      3. Thank you, Francis, I hope you’re fine, too, not too tired, I mean. Yes, here.. pretty rainy Sunday, in fact weekend, not more than 11 degrees Celsius, : ) ..but the little birds in the trees next to my balcony have been chirping and tweeting all morning, even took a few photos of one, so sweet! ^^

      4. A bit busy. But there is going to be more time… I am sure about that ^-^
        I can hear them in my imagination. : )

      5. Happy to hear that, Francis. ^^ Yes, I can hear them even inside the house, through the windows, even if the balcony door is shut, they sound so.. chirpy and cheerful, I sometimes even wonder what they’re saying. ^.^

      6. So interesting, I’m sure you’re right, I think that, too.. but sometimes the sweet chirp is also heard when it’s sunny.. or even after the rain. ^-^ Like now, the rain has stopped, I went outside to have a look, hoping for some sun today, photos in mind.. : ) (maybe I can even record the cute birds’ chirrup a little)

    1. Is it atypical in England? Although, now I remember that England was the first country to have technology to sustain the needs of population with just the three percent of it working in agriculture. So they have to ve quite technified.

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