26 thoughts on “Family of clouds visiting the highlands

  1. I wonder if this family of clouds gazes down at the earth with envy and would like to walk through the tall grass; as we would like to soar with them in the sky?

    Your lovely imagination never rests, Francis. How lucky for us!

  2. Two clouds kissing… like rocks were, in an earlier picture of you… (which I remember not being able to blow-up… when I wish I could have, it was so beautiful) ^_^

  3. Have you not captured the flag of Ukraine with this beautiful photo…
    Those clouds so close you can almost brush them away ~ and make it all better again.

    1. Our ichu, is a kind of yellow grass, it grows at very high altitude, even beyond the highest altitude trees can grow. It is true, the Ukranian flag colors seem more present than ever. I took these photos today https://prnt.sc/f9cZvrJamald and they have blue and yellow, I hope to find these colors as a tribute, and not like now, like concern for what they are enduring. Thank you, Randall.

      1. Nice photos, I wish you’d post them on your blog :-) There is something about the colors of blue & yellow that is so calming, in such contrast to the situation today. Hopefully ‘tomorrow’ we are back to a peaceful feeling again. Take care.

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