15 thoughts on “Low clouds

  1. Those imposing mountains you have there, Francis.. they always give that sensation of both distant and close, or aloof and nigh.. more poetically speaking. ^_^ In any case, elegant.. makes the clouds look so.. across the street, though I can see the valley and the city in the distance : )

  2. The Andes of Peru ~ had a really wonderful dream last night of hiking them and from three different paths I could go to my home in the USA, to work in Czech, or to a great restaurant in Lima. It was a mess of so many things, but I just remember how nice it was to hike and while going down the mountain see the alpacas on the grasslands below. So this is a beautiful photo for me today! Take care, Francis – how I enjoy escaping into your world :-)

    1. That is the Chachani, name which in Aymara language means “Gallant” : ) all our cities have those meaningful, sacred, hills and mountains called apus. The one of Lima is the San Cristobal hill, I’d wish to know his real name (I use his because apus are like ancestors, the apu has to have a close female counterpart)
      I have those dreams too, fluid and bland geographies, the jungle, coast and highlands half blended, half waiting you around the corner or crossing the river. Wishing you good omens and good friends in your dreams, Randall.

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