18 thoughts on “Planimetry

  1. Nice door of shininess.. pleasant contrast with the greyness, and love the potted flower and the bench, they give a warm sense of place. ^^ I looked up the word, so interesting, thank you, Francis. : )

    1. It’s used in my career, somehow I forgot to explain it n_n
      It’s a colonial building now used by a local university. But the colors the white ashlar takes with the day makes it beautiful at twilight. Thank you, Nicole n_n

  2. I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to be ‘arty farty’ here Francis, but I love the contrast of the fleeting beauty of the plant outside the archway and the ancient beauty of the stonework. Feels like life.

    1. There is no problem, except if you are saying it with a glass of wine, your pinky extended and wearing a monocle. xD
      Thank you, Meri, it’s a colonial building made in Andean Baroque ^-^

      1. j/k I appreciate a lot your comments, and I know they are your words, so they are not “arty farty” but the true ones from a friend. ^_^

    1. The Andean baroque was quite nice, Rose ☺It’s in Arequipa, the place in the whole America (or Americas) where the architecture from Europe blended at maximum with our native architecture.

  3. It’s very beautiful… but the part of it that warms my heart the most is the presence of the child… and he is also wonderfully geometrically positioned… ^_^

    1. The little gentleman. There was a contrast so marked between the rigid architecture, with the straights lines and sense of time with the young happiness of him. I almost ran to get the composition, as they seemed positioned so precisely there… : )

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