30 thoughts on “The (a)nswer is up there

  1. Those look quite impressive to have and see along a road, I tried to imagine the scale.. even “reckon” it, using that lamp post in the distance. : ) Nice color and structure.. nature’s elegant sculptures for you to admire there, Francis. ^^

    1. Its height was at least twenty meters. It was an afternoon I traveled to Bolivia. Said that I notice I wrote wrong the title, “unswer”…
      Thank you, Nicole. Glad you liked it. n.n

      1. Thank you, Francis, yes.. it was ok, the meaning was there, obviously, it happens sometimes. Bolivia.. there must be beautiful places there. You’re welcome, Francis. n_n

      2. I was a bit tired as I posted it in the morning… but at least it’s here. n___n
        Yes, Bolivia has amazing places. It’s quite wonderful to visit and very affordable to us Peruvians.

      3. I’m sorry to hear you were tired, hope you are going to have some rest this weekend. n_n I’ll have a look, maybe see some places in Bolivia on the internet, thank you, Francis. : )

      4. Thank you, Francis ^^ ..almost feels like traveling there. Some I even saw before and look familiar, just didn’t know they were.. Bolivian (didn’t pay attention to Tags, my mistake there //n//). So nice.. details and atmosphere, thank you. ^_^

      5. You’re welcome and It’s okay, I don’t consider the location that important, for that I hide them in the tags with the camera model and other technical details. : )

  2. I have looked at this picture a few times since you’ve put it there. It is something I don’t know at all. Like a mountain of sand. Made by a giant child with wet water… As though it will only hold for a second or two.
    But time renews itself. And life changes. And our hearts and souls keep trying to stay strong through time and times. Thank you, Francis.

    1. This place is always changing every spring the rains shape them with fantastic sculptures. The clay seems infinite and distant, when kid I found it quite amazing to play hide and seek. :D

  3. A friend of mine from Peru who now lives in the States has been discussing the state of Peruvian politics with me ~ this photo and your quote “The problem is to formulate the adequate question…” seems to summarize the situation :-)

    1. Seeing it far away from the capital, Peruvian politics is just colonial mentality. We imitate at first what was in Madrid, then in Paris, and now in Washington. One day we will walk a yellow road to find the bravery to fight the fear we have to govern our own lives, without needing to be validated first by others..

      1. Yes, I left Peru in 2019 with the conviction that it is on its way to walking and making its own path ~ it seems chaos in politics is in vogue around the globe. A bit of a mess, even here in Czech. Wishing you well :-)

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