Seeing a free horse


Seeing a free horse

I would loved to be a cowboy… as I watched some series when kid. In newspapers they are always asking cowboys… but in Peru a cowboy is not a guy that goes from town to town with adventures, but a guy that works in a farm. Truly an exciting life but not the same as in the movies. :D

24 thoughts on “Seeing a free horse

    1. But everybody dreams to be a movie cowboy, see for example Robbie Williams’ “feel” music video.I still laugh when I see him, an Englishman, dressing like a cowboy xP but he looks cool. I think it would be quite funny if I get the work of cowboy here dressed like a Marlboro man. xD

  1. I like horses running free in the field or along the seashore.. ^-^ A cowboy’s life.. freedom and adventure, of course, though I think hard work and risk, too. Also, nice contrasts in your photo, the horses and the street or the car/bus window. : )

    1. It was from a little car, to travel faster than a bus. I liked the scene but there was just time to do a “click” and nothing more. ^_^

  2. Excellent capture… in Latin America this stuff happens… ;) Also here, in Argentina… I think it is very nice… Sending love. Aquileana

  3. He may not look it, but he’s way cooler than a cowboy. He’s riding a horse without a saddle. That takes a lot of skill to not slide from its back.

    1. I know to ride a horse, but with the implements, I now to me would be quite complicated to ride like him… I was refering more to cowboys from fantasy. ^-^

  4. Ever since I was a little girl, I have thought that having a horse as a friend must be a very wonderful thing and I have dreamt of living such a friendship one day. I have known one horse for a few weeks in a summer camp as a teenager, and it was wonderful. To me, the horse is a faithful animal with a big heart.

    1. And there is something special in caress one and feel their breathing, their heart running with you, they are like wind made elegance.

  5. :-) This is great ~ we are kindred spirits :-)
    The cowboy lifestyle is something I have always admired, partly because I grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon where there are many ranchers and also because we have one of the top 4 rodeos in North America…so my dreams were always about cowboys and explorers (and strangely the cosmos too, because I think at night we could see the stars so clearly in the countryside!). The cowboys and their horses, such a special bond.

    I’ve read many western novels as a kid, and even as an adult :-) Currently, I just started a book about Meriwether Lewis, being an explorer in the 1800s is another dream I have ~ exploring. Take care and Happy Trails to you!

    1. We are kindred spirits in that aspect indeed, maybe the age in which we born, we don’t hide that inner boy that just craves to go to the adventure even if it is a small lot in a small corner in the world. Why, I also dreamed about the wild west, explorers (as Jacques Cousteau) and space ships. I like very much those old portraits and landscapes by Timothy O’Sullivan, whose voyage was a hard adventure too (although I suspect he felt tempted to join the life of the inhabitants there rather than photograph). Thank you, Randall, take care too : )

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