Seeing a free horse


Seeing a free horse

I would loved to be a cowboy… as I watched some series when kid. In newspapers they are always asking cowboys… but in Peru a cowboy is not a guy that goes from town to town with adventures, but a guy that works in a farm. Truly an exciting life but not the same as in the movies. :D

22 thoughts on “Seeing a free horse

    1. But everybody dreams to be a movie cowboy, see for example Robbie Williams’ “feel” music video.I still laugh when I see him, an Englishman, dressing like a cowboy xP but he looks cool. I think it would be quite funny if I get the work of cowboy here dressed like a Marlboro man. xD

  1. I like horses running free in the field or along the seashore.. ^-^ A cowboy’s life.. freedom and adventure, of course, though I think hard work and risk, too. Also, nice contrasts in your photo, the horses and the street or the car/bus window. : )

  2. Excellent capture… in Latin America this stuff happens… ;) Also here, in Argentina… I think it is very nice… Sending love. Aquileana

    1. I know to ride a horse, but with the implements, I now to me would be quite complicated to ride like him… I was refering more to cowboys from fantasy. ^-^

  3. Ever since I was a little girl, I have thought that having a horse as a friend must be a very wonderful thing and I have dreamt of living such a friendship one day. I have known one horse for a few weeks in a summer camp as a teenager, and it was wonderful. To me, the horse is a faithful animal with a big heart.

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