Passenger: Cocachacra

Subtle and imperfect mirror...

subtle and imperfect mirror…

In middle of the highway that links Arequipa city to Ilo city there is a place called Cocachacra. It’s closer to the sea and it’s a little city whose main activity is agriculture. I think I’ve never poot foot in the ground, as I seen from the car, and being the sea so close actually I am attracted more to the latter. This are photographs from a car in movement…

Frontiers in the countryside

frontiers in the countryside

The farmers were preparing the field for new crops… I don’t know if it’s the better way to do it, I mean… burning.

A road of flames

a road of flames

Lord of the fields

lord of the fields (published before)

Man at work

man at work

Painting the sky with white smoke

painting the sky with white smoke

Yellow happiness

yellow happiness

Textile countryside

textile countryside

16 thoughts on “Passenger: Cocachacra

  1. cette façon de cultiver existe depuis très longtemps, en français, on dit: culture sur brûlis
    merci pour ce beau reportage, francis

  2. A nice series, Francis. I think it’s a visit worth. But I would prefere a day without burning fields.
    Have a good time,

  3. Interesting details about the place, technical even, while everything looks so warm and velvety. The first picture feels like looking out of the window and seeing soft-hued waves.. in rich cushy greens and creamy yellow, against blurry brown and blue. : )

    1. I totally agree with you Julie. It would be better to try to avoid old techniques that are surpased by knowledge, and that would be for environment and health as well.

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