9 thoughts on “Big Hill and her child

    1. Oh, in the morning it was cloudy. A got the view in the afternoon, from a sacred hill called Huajsapata that means in Quechua “witness of my loves.

    1. Puno bay, it is beautiful to see at the distance, sadly when having a closer look still it needs quite a lot of work to reduce the contamination of the city (which is the capital of the region) into the lake Titicaca, in an ideal world it would be a reservation, in Inca times and before the city actually was in the top of the hill, far from the bay which I think was used for farming. Thank you for the compliment, Randall, and my apologies for not having been here before, I appreciate much your words as they are not just comments but true reflections from experience. Regards from far away : )

      1. When choosing my travels in Peru between the Amazon and Puno, most people were split in where I should go ~ but one thing I did think about was the natural tranquility of the Amazon versus the populated/tourist areas which as you say lead to contamination of Titicaca… still I want to see and experience it :-) Wishing you well from far away, although I think I am now closer as I flew into Seattle from Czech just the other day :-) Take care, my friend!

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