16 thoughts on “Flying across meadows of white flowers

  1. It seems this field brings us closer. It could be here.
    I hope you are well, my friend. That life is rocking your soul like a gentle breeze.
    I send warm thoughts on a wind going south.

    1. That feeling to be in a place and feel like we are at the same time in other far away or, even more fantastic, distant in the past.
      Thanks for the wishes, Caroline. : ) Yes, everything is fine here, the winter is warm and the work is advancing. Hoping you are having a nice summer. n_n

      1. It makes me happy to know that you are well and that things seem to be going the way you want them to go. And yes, I am having a nice summer. It is particularly hot this year. The way I like it. Today is 32 – and the humidity makes it feel like 39. ^_^

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