This can be not the best photograph in my blog, but it’s one I relate with memories… with old homes with windows and metallic frames and me just seeing the sunset, thousands of them across the years since kid.

Times when time is slow… and very kind.

In Aymara the past is in front of our eyes, the more distant the farther our past…

19 thoughts on “ascension

  1. Beautiful shine, looks like you’ve captured glory. Going with the cute chain story above.. “Me, too.” : ) Also loved the title (to think that yesterday I had a little ascension myself, Rodna Mountains, and tomorrow, the Daffodil Meadow, 1600 m, can’t wait. ^_^).

    1. Ohhh, that seems quite fantastic! You were in a mountain. That’s such a nice adventure. I wish you good luck in the Daffodil Meadow. ^^

      1. I really hope for sunny weather in these splendid places, so high up, thank you, Francis. And you’re right.. seems quite fantastic. ^-^

  2. This is a beautiful moment. Being in your past, as a child. Thanks for sharing this memory.
    Funny, I had missed a few of your posts of the Spring. I discover them only now…
    This one is certainly a very touching one for me. While you tell of what you were looking at as a child, I also see what I was looking at as a child, at the moment of the sunset. My world was very different, one of multiple-appartment houses. From my bedroom window, I could see in many familys’ kitchens at once, through big glass sliding doors. To get a distant view, I had to walk all the way to the river.
    I can’t help but wonder if you had a view, such a beautiful view, from your bedroom window…

    1. Screens to other lives. Kitchens reveals more about ourselves than living rooms, as they are places where family time is shared with us focused in the others, sharing traditions in the art of cooking that bonds us with our elders and with the little ones.
      Usually my bedroom had windows to the sky, so it was full of stars and moons. The sky at high altitude (3800 meters above sea level) can be fantastic.

  3. Beautiful shot ~ and made truly remarkable with your words: “Times when time is slow… and very kind. In Aymara the past is in front of our eyes, the more distant the farther our past…”

    1. Is something particular, so far I know, to Aymara language. All the rest of languages supposedly visualize the time as a river or a highway, with the future in front and the past behind us : )

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