28 thoughts on “Blaze in the Andean Plateau

  1. Such beautiful skies, Francis, thank you.. it must really feel like heaven on earth up there, so soft and velvety. And blaze.. one of my favorite words in English. ^_^

  2. It feels like a soft and gentle world…
    It seems to me that for someone arriving from outer space, it would look like a peaceful world… ^_^

      1. I agree in that you take what you see; and others agree in what I think as the exposition of your work in a beautiful Italian gallery shows of the warmth reception to your work; I have read your ethics in relation to photography. Certainly yours is both a disciplinated and artistic way of seeing.

  3. Nice shot, so Juliaca is your home town? I did not travel to the Puno region when I visited Peru. There was discussion whether I should go to the Amazon or Puno/Lake Titicaca, and decided to experience the Amazon as it has always been a dream of mine. Next time, the Puno area will be on the itinerary :-)

    1. It is, is not a nice city as its raison d’être is commerce. I Suspect the Amazon was a great choice, Puno has its marvels but the tourism there makes the experience a bit filtered I am afraid, the Amazon has those magical parts that are more openly shared with the traveler.

      1. This was exactly my thought ~ I wanted to be somewhere natural with few people, and in February there were few tourist so the Amazon was perfect. One day, however, I do want to see the Puno area :-)

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