38 thoughts on “Frontier between two worlds

    1. Hi, Rose! I feel bad to find a comment I thought I had replied :S I am sorry for the slip (I hope it was a software glitch) at least I have the happiness to write you now. I hope your heart is healing, dear Rose. Missing you a lot, and happy to have your books to get along with me : )

      1. Hi Francis, So happy to find your words! No worries at all. Lately, I’ve not been able to keep track of WP, but I’m starting to make my way again. How’s work? You must be busy, my friend. I miss your posts. Thank you for checking in and reading my silly books. xo

      2. A pleasure to read your books, I take your poems in my travels ^_^ Work is heavy I am afraid, but each time I am getting to a more normal life. I am glad you are making your way again, as that means things are getting normal too. Take care so much, Rose n__n/

  1. May I choose the bright pinkish side?! : ) I mean, besides the bluish skies beyond the blanket of clouds.. so nice how the altitude makes it all up there look so close, if I’m not mistaken, as if the city is covered in fleece. ^_^

  2. Nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise or sunset, and while the light always dazzles me ~ there is always the mystery of what lies in the dark shadows that is appealing… beauty to be found everywhere. Wonderful photo.

    1. Feels like we both are travelling the past. And now I know I could have called this view with the proper name of terminator : D I like much shadows indeed, specially when they are inky under the strong sunlight.

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