23 thoughts on “Dulce luz

    1. It’s at 4000 meters of altitude Meri. Usually tourists from Europe suffer there due the lack of oxygen and the difference of presure, what gives to them (or even Peruvians from the coast) soroche (altitude headache). We the native have bigger lungs and much more red blood cells (what tint of red our cheeks) to live normally. I’m afraid that there you couldn’t think about the existence of a god (In Aymara culture we don’t have gods or even a word for god)

      1. I guess I could try to think about god, but it might be most difficult when I couldn’t breathe so well. It’s beautiful anyhoo! <3

    1. That’s a wonderful photograph, I have a similar hat, they were introduced by Englishmen in nineteenth century when they got contracts to build the trains. In some way seeing your portrait is like seeing a version of me in the future. : )

      1. Thank you – it was a lovely cosy cafe up a narrow stairwell; you’d never know it was upstairs. I absolutely loved Arequipa!
        Wonderful information and wow, such a wonderful comment from you, many thanks! :-)

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