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little museum

A man walks the street by night, he is drunk and some robbers fight with him until they rob him a five dollars bill. The drunken beaten man sees him from the asphalt, think a bit and says “Really? Did you beat me for five dollars? I thought you wanted the five hundred dollars in my shoe…” joke drums.

Well, tonight some robbers entered to the home were I am currently living, and they stole my laptop, my tablet and my camera… the one that was with me and with you across the life of this blog. They didn’t touch my books, some of them are quite rare and hard to find, nor my clothes or the memories of my elders. But also is truth that I almost have nothing… the important is that I am well, that I don’t rob to others and that I still appreciate you the same dear reader. Nothing changes.

I am not attached to things, they are here to be a time with us, to help us, but our will is much more important, my drawings and everything was made with my mind and heart, the devices were just there to help me and I am grateful for them, I hope they end with a good person that can make music, art, architecture, essays, dreams, and photography as I did because I always thought is a pity to have a machine and don’t use it to its maximum. More than the loss of the laptop I am sorry because it was a gift of my older brother; more than the lost of the tablet I am sorry because I read with it so many books and discover worlds; more than the lost of my camera (with gigas of photographs still there) is the loss of a way to share with you what I see, now those are in my memory.

About the robbers, well, I think they are sick and need treatment. I don’t think there is evil, but just sickness. My country is a third world one but there is work for the people that wants one.

Anyway, I guess it was time to rest of such devices anyway. xD

Take care so much dear reader, greatings from far away. n_n

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  1. I am so sorry to read that story Francis. I admire your attitude but can understand that one can always get a new laptop or camera. This is just so sad to lose your photos and other material. I hope you can replace your lost tools very soon :)

  2. You’re a wise man, Francis ! On the one hand, you are the one not to deserve the robbery. On the other hand, you are the only one to take it so quietly ! Your morning (to me !) posts were a precious window open to a foreign world … and still mine !

    1. Thank you, Gilles. But every man is good and bad, every one across the day shows their virtues and defects. Not hard feelings to those persons, just good wishes : )
      Wishing you brilliant mornings.

  3. I hope you are well there, Francis, I am so sorry that such a thing had to happen, very sorry about it. It is sad and it must be a little hard, your devices.. they were important to you, though you seem fine with it, which is good. I hope your work won’t be affected by it and everything will be fine, eventually.

    1. Not so much important, at least I know things are always temporal. I am happy. In work there is a laptop so I am using it to continue the works for my customers. : )

  4. I’m sorry, darling Francis. My heart is sad reading about the burglary, but I love how you remain a positive soul. I know this is why you have so many admirers; including myself. ❤️‍💋‍

  5. Aw I am sorry this has happened to you Francis, we have a saying, bad things happen to good people, and it is true here. I hope you can replace your devices and start over. Am thinking you must be using your phone to post this, so hope you can keep going as we would miss you so much.

    1. Thank you fragglerocking, although I don’t consider myself a good person, just a person (the same as the burglars) capable to do good and bad things in one day. It’s okay to me. I used the laptop of my brother, just a moment because that’s his tool of work, and now I am using the laptop of my work just to reply as it’s meant just for work. I needed to rest anyway. xD
      Take care so much kind lady.

    1. Part of them. But I am fine so that’s a good news to me. n_n
      Thank you for everything Julie. I miss you a lot, but I’ll fix it to come back. : )

  6. Siento lo sucedido, pero lo más importante es que estés bien. Y que no hayan tocado los libros, seguramente casi irrecuperables. Sé por experiencia lo que significa algo así y en mi caso te aseguro que algunos de los que tengo valen más que cualquier tablet. Saludos

    1. Aun si perdiese los libros no tendría problema porque ya los leí… de alguna manera ya me he despedido de todo. Sólo que algunas cosas ya se han ido adelantándose.
      Gracias por la gentileza..

  7. Today I wanted to talk to you about Copa America (I am indignant that the competition is held in the US; football means tradition and passion from Europe and South America, not some comercial US things)! But your story saddened me!
    If you want, I have a Lenovo T60 laptop, which do not use, but is in perfect function condition. If you think that it may be useful to you, I’d be glad to send it by airmail. For that you have to tell me where to send it (on my e-mail from “About” blog page). In Romania is an expression that says: “prietenul la nevoie se cunoaste” = “a friend in need is a friend indeed”! So what you say? If you do not accept my laptop, then you have to promise me to find a solution and you do not disappear from the blogosphere. Copa America is ongoing and Euro 2016 will begin soon! I want to be able to talk about it with you, Francis!
    P.S. Please do not upset me harder by your absence! :(

    1. Actually I am happy that it’s played in USA. Their players have heart to the game, and everytime they improve. They want to win and that’s a nice thing to see in these times when people seems to think more in paychecks.
      Thanks for the offering, Dan. But I am going to buy another one with the time, I am not in a hurry because I have a laptop in my work,. I cannot promise to come back, I’ll do but I cannot promise because it’s not an obligation, it’s just a kind of open diary of what happens to me, not a magazine for the dear readers as yourself. There are more than five hundred posts to see. xD
      My absence is because I have limited access to internet and these days my time was with the police and the work… I am sorry for that, Dan. Take care.

  8. Oh poor Francis. As usual you approach disaster with the same sweetness of character you show when things are going well. I’m thinking of you.

    1. Thank you, Meri. Although I don’t see disaster, some of my childhood classmates died malnourished for a dumb war. I’d feel bad if I would care of some objects…

    1. Hi, Landa. I’ll visit you regularly. n_n
      The thought of lose you is for sure reallty terrible; the things are just already in the past and they served me well, so time to go ahead. A hug! : )

  9. Oh no, this is really unfortunate. Like you said, thankfully, nothing happened to you or to anyone, that’s the most important thing. Material things are meaningless but .. it’s quite annoying and not having them makes your life more difficult, I can totally relate. My partner has been robbed 3 times in a year and each time the computer, the ipod, etc were gone. At one point my partner was storing his laptop in the microwave, just to be sure :D

    But this is better than taking a knife in the stomach just for a tablet…

    Take care

    1. Thank you for your kindness, dear Gin n_n It seems your parner needs to invest in another place, or better safety measures. Once I fought alone against four robbers, fortunately I won and they hadn’t knifes. Seeing from the distance it seems a bit funny… but the reason I fought was because anyway I was going to die (money or no money to give), so a death like that, fighting, seemed better to me.
      I’ll see if today I purchase another camera from eBay. The laptop is going to require more time… but nevertheless I am happier to see you, i hope you are doing well in your busy schedule. I always appreciate you can have a time to publish for us, your readers, and honored you can give a time to my space. ^_^
      Take care, greetings from far away.

  10. I am sorry for your loss. They are indeed just things but with them you were able to bring your country to so many people. I hope you are able to return soon.

  11. I’m so sorry, Francis. I know how you feel. Several years ago we had rubbers in our home. But I never lost my confidence in my home. Or as the English say: My home is my castle!
    Best regards

    1. Thank you, Ulli. Don’t worry, it actually happened a long time ago. I had forgotten it xD Things are fine here, I hope the same there. : )
      Kind regards,

      1. I am glad that you’re okay, dear Francis. A burglary is more than a theft, it is an interference in the private life. I’m glad you can accept that with great composure. All good wishes to you :-)

  12. Francis, hope you already recovered ( mentally) from the robbery. I know that awful feeling of vulnerability and humiliation. In my case, the robbers were caught in a few days and, at least, my passport was returned to me – they haven’t sold it yet, which would be a disaster. We were lucky they didn’t hurt us, and the same I can say about you. People get killed for a few coins in their purses. It is a painful experience, but I hope you returned to balance by now. Sending you my thoughts of support and comfort.

    1. Thank you Inese. But there is no mental damage about the robbery. For say an example I think there are persons that are used to send butlers to purchase food and could think that persons that have not butlers are in a stress for purchase the food by themselves. Similarly I understand your country is safer than mine, I am used to the possibility of robbers, and perhaps you are against of any kind of violence but I fought alone against four robbers and although I lose some things I actually won. I have not fear to face them, and right now that event was even forgotten from my memory because I am a bit short of time due to the work. Nasty thing about the robbers there, of course I remember the post in your blog, the young man and your nice soul to pardon him.
      Thanks for your nice words and your kind spirit, Inese. I hope everything is fine and better there in your health (I remember the issue with your vision) I hope so.

      1. I am so glad to hear that you are mentally strong, because all the material things will be recovered one at a time, eventually. There is a new kind of crime that terrifies me, and that has been growing lately – kidnapping and selling children.
        Thank you for remembering the post. That young man chose to be a criminal for the rest of his life. Sometimes I think it is a disease, abnormality. I know a well educated man who has a career and isn’t technically a criminal, but he is fascinated with the authority the high-end criminals possess, and he is mingling with them, and feel honored to be their friend. It seems so surreal to me.

      2. I like to think that anything we have is just for a moment, as borrowed. Certainly robs the freedom of another person is something terrible and quite scary.
        Yes, I think the act to be a criminal as a disease, so we should get a method to cure them, not punish them. In my culture the three worst crimes are to be lazy, lier and robber, so I cannot understand neither the fascination of your friend. A dangerous atraction I am afraid.

  13. Hey Francis, I was pretty sad to hear about this. Please let me know if I can send you a camera from my shop. Judging by you’re reaction I feel like you will not accept the offer, but I truly would love to help. Contact me –

    1. Thank you, James. It’s already an old story indeed. xD
      Thanks for your gentleness. Hoping everything is fine there, young dad and friend. : )

  14. Hi Francis- What a horrible feeling to be robbed and the grief associated with lost possessions. I am very sorry and the good news is that you weren’t hurt.

    1. Hi Jane. Thanks for your kind words. I choose the photograph of the car toy because it has no tires as if some guys had robbed it ^_^
      I live always with the idea that things are temporal and we just have them a time and in some way or other they go, or we have to go. Said that, it feels like it happened a long time ago… so in this moment I just feel gratitude for your kind gesture, Jane. Thank you from far away. : )

  15. Francis, I’m sorry to hear about the robbery, and I’m glad that you are safe. You’re right, material objects are not permanent, but I still admire your detachedness — it takes a strong person to do that! Take care.

    1. Thank you, Anita. Perhaps I am not strong but just used to a life without things. When kid I lived in an adobe home in a time with very limited electricity so mostly with candles and music of wind across the tree in the patio. I still feel like I have more than what I need.
      Take care so much. : )

  16. Sorry to hear about your robbery. I hope you didn’t lose your photos and other irreplaceable memories.

    1. Thanks for your kindness. Well, I lost partially my photographs. But that’s ok, the places or moments there are still in my mind, I am thinking in drawing them to be able to share them.
      Kind regards from Peru. : )

  17. How unfortunate. Your reflection is truthful. Just last night, there was talk around the table about that word ‘evil’ and I too, disagree. I am with you on the sickness part. :)

  18. thank you for your visit, francis….i feel so sorry for your misadventure…………………..
    yes i hope you draw the pictures for your blog
    bisous de france!

  19. I see you browsing but I have not seen new posts. I assume this means your equipment has not been replaced which is …well… you were a voice for a population that is not often heard online.

    To Francis’s other followers, is there no way for your us to gather together to help?

    1. Hello, Kim. Nice to see you. n_n I have already replaced my laptop, the backpack, the mouse, the tablet, a music reproductor, some music cd’s, a few software programs and, among other things, I added a Kindle reader.
      About my camera I purchased one online from Australia but the seller said had a problem so he refounded me the money, after that I purchased another camera where I live but i simply couldn’t connect with it so i gave it to a friend in other region.
      About the voice… I am afraid that it’s for a question of disinterest of persons here. They just simply don’t care. Peru is not a poor country but one considered with medium income. There are in the markets plenty of storage of Canons and Nikons and Sonys. I think people here just have not a voice at all and instead a fascination with what TV or internet shows from outside.
      Thank you, Kim. I am well respect the equipment. I hope things are well in your side of the world. ^_^

  20. Hello Francis – I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your things, but I’m happy to hear that you are in good health and spirits. Best wishes from the USA!

    1. Hello, Melissa : ) yes, everything is fine fortunately, with a lot of work to do. I almost forgot the password to access my wordpress account. I hope everything is well there in the middle of everything. Take care so much, Melissa, thank you for coming : )

  21. Hi Francis, come to visit your blog today and heard your bad news :(
    Im so sorry for your lost, especially your beloved camera and laptop, the only things you have to stay connect with us… Luckily you are safe and sound.

    Much love

    1. Hadorable, sorry. I have been disconnected a lot of time from my blog. I even had troubles to remember the password xD
      Everything is fine here, although I bit busy, but besides that everything is fine. I hope you are doing well.
      With much love for you and your family a thank you ^-^

    1. Hi, Dan. How are you? sorry for the delay, I am with a lot of work I am afraid. Things are a bit complicated around here but improving. Greatings : )

  22. I had to see if you were sneaking photo’s past me :) but still here is the little car with no tyres. How lovely to read all the messages from the people you mean so much to, even though we are all worlds apart inner virtual realities. There will be such a cheer across the world if you ever start posting again :) for now it is enough that you are visiting and communicating with us again. I so hope that one day you will want to show us your world again.

    1. I want to post, but still I cannot do it : ( For now I am catching up with the posts, they are like travel quite an adventure. :)
      It seems the robbery was a bit more important than I had predicted.
      Thank you a lot for coming dear fragglerocking, a hug from Peru to you. n_n

  23. Nothing worse than being robbed, especially when you’re on the road.

    This happened to my partner and I back in 2011 in Peru. The first time we stayed in a hotel as opposed to family run Guest Houses (much safer) in this country. We’d been travelling for 10 months.

    We were gone for about 4 hours and when we returned, we had almost $4K’s worth of belongings and cash stolen. Two laptops, an iPod, phone, and a bunch of cash – even Polish Zloty! Denominations that can’t be changed on the black market either…coins were left! It was an inside job so the police told us but we couldn’t prove a thing.

    The thief (thieves) unlocked our room, picked all locks on our 2 big backpacks, stole everything, re-locked our packs up, then left re-locking our room. Luckily, our passports and credit cards were left as the police advised they can’t use those. Worse still was the experience at the police station (I really should write a blog on this) and the fact that the slick manager charged us 2 night’s accommodation after we’d been robbed!

    Sadly, my partner lost about 1,000 photos of Machu Picchu and Boston – irreplaceable. And I lost many pages of blogs as I write everything in Word before uploading.

    1. I am so sorry for that, and ashamed for what the robbers did as they were Peruvian as me. As I noted the excuse of poverty is not anymore a reason in Peru as there is plenty of work (actually I stopped to post because I am with a big load of work) so they are just sick and irresponsible persons that don’t care anything beyond their selfinesh. Certainly I could have choose to hide the fact of the robbery but I prefer to say the truth, even the less nice ones, of my country. The sad truth is that here you have to think that everybody can have a bad person, as the robbers and the manager that should be held responsible for allow robbers into the place, from my point of view he is a robber as well, and that’s why not only I understand you but I feel indignant that nobody seems to receive justice in Peru but when there are TV cameras, money to bribe or influences involved.

      1. Thank you for your honesty; each country has it’s seediness and problems! I agree, no on is held accountable and so, this continues.

        It was not the only time we were robbed in South America. In Argentina, medical and female items were stolen from my backpack and that’s why we started locking everything after only a couple of days arriving. I was pick-pocketed also in Peru but not much stolen.

        In Ecuador the most horrible experience of all my life’s travel happened…
        It was the last afternoon before returning to Australia as my mother was ill with cancer. We were walking along when I felt something wet and mushy dripping down my back; apparently bird poo. Suddenly from nowhere appears a couple of people (robbers) with boxes of Kleenex (tissues) wanted to help by taking your pack and wiping you down. We’d read about this scam a couple of weeks before and were savvy to this disgusting practise. What locals do is they collect human runny excrement in a container then throw this on unsuspecting tourists whilst walking under an arch or down an alleyway and pretend it’s bird droppings. Then with the offer to help clean you up, rob you! They threw this all over me but they didn’t rob me as we knew. The most humiliating thing is that I couldn’t get into a taxi or bus, so had to walk 20 minutes back to the hostel with shit all over my clothes. :-(

        After 10+ months in South America, I was ready to return home. Such a shame as there is still much more of this wonderful continent to explore!

    1. Dear friend, I am sorry for the delayed time. I am afraid my life is getting me a bit far for so many things I would love to do. Wishing all’s well there. Kind regards.

  24. I’m very sorry to hear about the robbery. I’m glad you are completely safe. That is definitely the most important thing. It is always very depressing to lose something to theft, though. It has happened to me (although only in a minor way) a couple of times in the past. I’m afraid I became rather upset about it – not just because of the loss but at the thought someone could do such a bad thing.

    1. I’m doing my best to get something good about that; besides I don’t know the robbers, perhaps they did it because problems, in any case that’s in the past and today is the important. ^^

    1. Thank you very much for the honor. I have just seen it and made the commentary. I hope you are having a nice Sunday and have a brilliant week. Greetings from the Autumn in the south n_n

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Nilda : ) I added after your visit your blog, it’s very nice ^_^ I am sorry for the time to respond, your comment was in the spam folder… sometimes wordpress seems to make mistakes… fortunately I could see it. Kisses : )

  25. You were robbed of material stuff. Looking at the comments now I feel like you still have so much more. I don’t know if this makes sense to you. Anyway my dad always said these experiences are what build our character! I see that in your post.

  26. Wow ~ this would enrage me, but in the end, once the sting subsides, life is still to be loved.
    I am an eternal optimist. :-)

    1. Rage can have its place in very short moments I think to heal and clean of what one feels wrong. But optimism in the long run is a better companion n_n

      1. Perfectly stated, or perhaps I enjoy reading this because it explains my emotions/character quite clearly :-)

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