A thin line of yellow flowers

a thin line of yellow flowers

Probably the lady is typing or reading a sms in her cell phone. The colorful fabric in her back is an aguayo, every place has its own design so I can see if a lady comes from Puno, Cuzco, La Paz, Huancavelica, and a few distant cities more. Usually the designs from Bolivia are less colorful, to Bolivians instead our designs have so much color in them. The hat is an style women adopted when British came to build trains and railways in the nineteenth century. I’m not sure if the hats we men use have the same origin. Women use more or less the same clothing as in thousands of years ago. After the rebellion of a nobleman in the end of the eighteenth century, Tupac Amaru II, Spaniards decided that men shouldn’t use our symbols or style so we had to dress like Spanish peasants (lol), so there is no sense to us to use traditional cloths because those belong to another reality.