starting again

starting again

Why don’t start again?

Forget the whole past and reinvent the present… but that would be an illusion, life seems a circle so there would be the danger to come back again to the same point.

I was thinking in cycles. In the history of architecture is common to see a lot of “neo” architectures, romantic ideas to come back to an ideal past. For example the Big Ben in London is a neo-gothic building; the United States Capitol in Washington is neo-classical; as are the buildings of the former Soviet Union. I understand prince George (is a bit strange to me to call “prince” to somebody older than me) prefers the old architecture than the one honestly modern. I have noticed that too: riches and poors are quite attached emotionally to traditions and to the past, but after the turn of the millenium people I know of my age fall in trends as the hipster wave, the why is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s a feeling that the future is unknown and they search protection in the (our) past.

I prefer the unknown, I was a kid in eighties and I didn’t like it xP




The color version of this photograph was one of the first one I published in WordPress, a place near Imata, a place that was just for me because it’s outside the touristic places and at 4185 meters above the sea level (13 730 feet) there aren’t so many people going to there.

In such places you can feel a peace in part beautiful and in part lethal, something similar to climb without equipment I guess, you’re not seeing the nature but also fighting to don’t be surpassed by it (in this case the loneliness in the cold of the season)

Black and White – B

una mancha blanca

una mancha blanca (a white spot)

After thousands of photographs I came to the conclusion that black and white photography is an art I like to see but not one I can do. I noticed that almost completely the images I processed were just for curiosity and not because a pre-visualization. So I guess this is my last long post dedicated to black and white pictures. I’ll publish more in the future but just one photograph.

do kittens dream of electric sheep

Do kittens dream of electric sheep?

another world below

another wold below

sol negro

sol negro (black sun)

long shadows

long shadows

empty bottles in a silent night

empty bottles in a silent night

drops of rain

drops of rain

And well, that’s all. Those photographs were made thanks to the Fujifilm X-E1 and the Fujinon lens 35mm F1.4. I noticed that that combo gave me great files, better than my current Sony R1; so in part as I haven’t them with me I can’t feel the desire to convert files to black and white. Another reason is that in Peru the color in advertisement and traditional clothes is quite elaborated, so it would be a pity to hide so much work negating the colors.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going never to make again another black and white pic. I modified a selfie I took some days ago with the tablet and I think it ended ok. But I don’t see myself doing a lot of them in the near future. But well, never say never ;-)


another portrait….

Made to last

made to last

Father is journalist and that’s his tool. Still used to these days. In university, a few years ago with internet and laptops and everything, I used mostly a light typewriter, I couldn’t afford to hire a computer or buy one, actually, being a kid from 80’s and a teen in 90’s I don’t feel comfortable with the hipster wave and I’ve always preferred a bright future with technology, the hipster fashion instead to me seems like a coming back to an uncomfortable and isolated time, using a disguise of something that doesn’t really belongs to this time.

This picture is from a months ago but probably is my last black and white photograph, now I’m going to compose definitively in color.

When (did) I change in her?

when did i change in her

This post is categorized, besides photography, as altered. Because it goes beyond an usual editing but, and has passed a lot of time since I did something like this, I think the image is more expressive.

There was a big mirror in the street, unwittingly of be waking up our vanity :-)