The mermaid in the oceans of the South waiting a pirate from far away

The mermaid in the oceans of the South waiting a pirate from far away


It feels like the time had no substance. it is just real when there is a “you & I”; it turns eternal when I meet your voice, your eyes and your smile. My previous time is rewritten as a preface of our history. Wait for me, my princess. ~w~


Se siente como si el tiempo fuese inmaterial. Se vuelve real sólo cuando hay un “tú y yo”, se vuelve eterno cuando encuentro tus ojos, tu voz y tu sonrisa. Mi vida anterior se reescribe como un prefacio de nuestra historia. Espera por mi, princesita… a.n.c.z. ~n~

(I bought the little mermaid in the port, I thought it would be nice to photograph with the sunny day in the coast. I am not sure if the artisan handcrafted it as the rest of the work there made with shells and mother pearl, it has no indication, but well done to the unknown artisan ^w^)




Lights vanishing, a darkness devouring them. How did I get in this night? Where is the end? I wonder if going deeper into the dark I will cross to the side of the light.

I beg it ends quick… I start to feel like home in this darkness in which you have exiled me in your distance.


Las luces se desvanecen, una obscuridad devorándolas. ¿Cómo es que llegué a esta noche? ¿Cuál es su final? Me pregunto si yendo al corazón de la obscuridad lograré cruzar al lado de la luz.

Ruego que sea rápido… comienzo a sentir como mi hogar esta obscuridad a la que me tienes desterrado en tu distancia a.n.c.z.