Crossing the joyful meadow in the land at the end of twilight

crossing he joyful meadow in the land at the end of twilight

In our cities in the Andean Plateau is traditional to celebrate Qashwa or beginning of  harvest (celebrated with the carnival) first in the big cities and finally in the little ones and towns. So the big cities get bigger and when it’s turn of the smaller suddenly the big cities get empty.

Colors are quite important as signal of party so the cities and meadows explode in reds, blues, yellows and every possible color in the clothes of dancers and participants.The photo is from the highway when I was coming back to Juliaca, crossing one of the parties in the fields near a town. As I knew that I couldn’t get a sharp picture of the dancers I preferred to focus in the hand and insinuate the colorful party outside, it was almost night but people was very happy and who knows how many time they could been outside. Our traditional parties usually aren’t inside temples or buildings but in open plazas or fields.