Toothless smile

toothless smile

A morning in the capital of Bolivia. I wonder how many people know this city, to me it is quite famous but it seems more people know more about the Mexican city of the same name, I unknown everything about it except its name.

This hole… this empty space among several ages, the Republican building, the modern one, the (probably) colonial and in the background the poor blocks in the hills, from the window of the hotel seemed a kind of messy smile in the morning. It was cold so I went back to bed, hehe now you know why there aren’t so many sunrises here xD.

Sound in rock

sound in rock

Voices and ceremonial sounds were emited with this stone.

In the old temple of Kalasasaya in Bolivia; it’s said that it was used as a loudspeaker stone. sculpted to amplify the human voice. I have traveled palaces, pyramides and cities of our ancient civilizations but it has to be the only place where I have seen a stone made in that way…