Today the workers finished their work in the building, one I designed; now is time for windows and tiles and paint. But the crazy part is about the legal documents. I gave them photographs of them working (they asked for them) so I hope they have a nice memory.

We worked without safety measures, I say “we” because I had to do the same to see the construction; sometimes I had to help to build the beams, the slab and the electrical connections… I did it not for the customer but to get my design into the reality.


Hoy los trabajadores terminaron su labor en el edificio, uno de los que diseñé; ahora es tiempo para cristales, mayólicas y pintura. Pero la parte que me vuelve loco son los documentos legales. Les di fotografías de ellos trabajando (ellas me las pidieron) espero que sea un buen recuerdo para ellos.

Trabajamos sin medidas de seguridad. Digo “nosotros” porque trabajé en las mismas condiciones; a veces incluso ayudé a construir las vigas, la losa y las instalaciones eléctricas… No lo hice por el cliente sino más para que mi diseño fuese parte de la realidad.

Centuries flying…

centuries flying

I am still working in another city in a place without wifi, I hope you can understand if I don’t reply quickly :S

There was a comic I loved to read since kid, it was about Flash competing against Superman traveling the time with a machine functioning according to the speed to run; the person running was forward in the time but not in the space (at least not in the square meter he/she was running) so the landscape was changing… For that reason I love the contrasts, the crystal building appearing in middle of that colonial church handmade with stones.

Blue sky window

blue sky window

I find this wall fascinating as an architect. It’s the wall of a house in the borders of Juliaca city. I can guess that it’s a house made with adobe but with time the owners get more wealthy so they covered it with concrete and replaced the old window with a modern one, reflexive and almost frameless. The woods almost hidden are the structure to support a wooden floor. The difference in the texture indicate that after the first covering with concrete and the shape suggest that the owners thought in a kitchen, laundry or bathroom so it was needed to pick the concrete to new installations.

I find this wall interesting because I like contrasts, that piece of sky counterposed to the rustic concrete.

Light and shadows

light and shadows

This space is more like a diary, that explains why there are images and texts: they are thoughts of a day. Although I’m not completely sincere in that aspect so I think I’ve to confess a certain doubt, or perhaps a little sadness. I think in the importance to don’t save much to ourselves, those things are going to explode the same and sometimes in violent shapes, heavy thoughts, restlessness; and I try to choose the calmer path, don’t go around there nervous or unfocused. So I guess is better to write about it a bit and just accept that life is sometimes just like that.

These months I have thinking in a lady, and I think that lady thoughts in me too, but for personal problems she just doesn’t allow to love. But these last weeks she has changed and with that changes my mind tricks me thinking several scenarios where she’s just tired; others where she had found or accept another person, and others where simply she just obtained what she wanted. Of course those theories aren’t the reality (I know her and she’s a wonderful person) but my despair about her silence. I tried to induce communication and measure the reactions of her friends but in the end I just sit to think clearer and my conclusion is that she can’t allow herself to talk to me or she doesn’t want to talk to me. In both circumstances as a gentleman I think my only alternative is just end well with a smile for her, respect her wish, don’t ask explanations, be grateful for the shared time and the casualties that made her found me, and to hope she can have a happy life. In the end I just want her to be happy.

The photograph is a building in the coast, I drew the architectural plans and I think I made the electrical and electronic design too and that day I had traveled to modify the plans due to modifications from the owners. Homes in Peru actually are quite simple and don’t use extensive technologies to environmental comfort, communications or integration of smart devices with the structure. Although full of downsides the advantage is a less cost in energetic waste and contamination.



Hi, this is my first post using a tablet, an old Sammy. You know, I like 2 be with the trends and fashion, well, actually my laptop hard disk decided to die today X-( I don’t care, if there is a problem I’m enough man to solve it ;-)

I don’t know if you can see the image, it was an afternoon when I saw a building painted with an intense color, the next day I went there in an hour where the sky were soft to add more contrast to the intense, or I’d say radioactive?, tone and I think I get my intention. The imperfections make me think in red woman lips, like they were almost trying to kiss you.

xoxo, ahem, I mean, happy new week.