There is a legend, I suspect it is recent, and even more I suspect it was a tale disguised of legend to amaze to intellectuals. It says that when the Spaniards killed Atahualpa, the last Inca (emperor, czar, Caesar, Kaiser) and taken his members to all the Tawantin Suyu (the real name of PerĂº, “PerĂº” is a product of the ignorance) slowly his body started to rejoin. The legend says that when it’s going to be complete the Tawantin Suyu is coming back again, strong and civilized.

To my mind it sounds a bit western to be real. But it’s real that in certain way our culture is in pieces. In the photograph there is a lil girl playing with a textile with a particular design made it just in that specific city (Chucuito), and that textile is upon a part of a building. We’re like roman citizens when they walked in Rome’s ruins ignoring that they were living in a legendary city with a complex culture.

I can guess for the carving style that it is from an imperial building, the size and shape means that it was in a upper part of the wall, the location says that the building was felled, it was did it or by the invaders or by ignorants.

As architect I follow the ideas that I can discover from the old ages, when science and inventive was the force behind the designs, not the dark ages when everything important were churches that in every earthquake collapse because are built with tradition and neither logic nor thought. My goal is to design with the same innovation, because I know part of the country problem is that we have the mentality bring it for the Spanish of those ages (because today Spain is other culture shining and brilliant) that we have to sell simple things with the minimal force of the muscle to get things made for other people with the force of their minds. The empire wasn’t thus.

I know we can, I suspect that Inkarri is a fake legend, but that doesn’t mean that I have not right to try to make it real.





I think that to sense the architecture one needs at least two elements: light to have a spatial perception and a person to use it, not just to see it but really to use it.

The architecture is space sculpted with light. Without light is hard to have a spatial perception. And is a fact that the light changes its qualities in the day and is different at night. So the architecture is not an static mass, it moves with you across the time. I think that our reality would be more two dimensional without light, just measured by sounds and the world perceived by touch, a world of just one or two meters around us. Could be more creatures with more senses to who we are limited in our perception of the world? Right now require certain knowledge understand the real form of the universe.

And well, to this hobby to take photographs the human being give it scale, architecture without people is just something sad because sometimes it means that is a sepulture, or unfinished like an unclosed circle.