starting again

starting again

Why don’t start again?

Forget the whole past and reinvent the present… but that would be an illusion, life seems a circle so there would be the danger to come back again to the same point.

I was thinking in cycles. In the history of architecture is common to see a lot of “neo” architectures, romantic ideas to come back to an ideal past. For example the Big Ben in London is a neo-gothic building; the United States Capitol in Washington is neo-classical; as are the buildings of the former Soviet Union. I understand prince George (is a bit strange to me to call “prince” to somebody older than me) prefers the old architecture than the one honestly modern. I have noticed that too: riches and poors are quite attached emotionally to traditions and to the past, but after the turn of the millenium people I know of my age fall in trends as the hipster wave, the why is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s a feeling that the future is unknown and they search protection in the (our) past.

I prefer the unknown, I was a kid in eighties and I didn’t like it xP

Stellar jewels – And a review about photographic sites

Stellar jewels

There was a marvelous view of the coast at sunrise in Ilo city, I hadn’t my camera so I grabbed my old cell phone with two megapixels, I edited the picture in the app for tablets Snapseed and got the quality of the soft light reaching the shores while they were touched by the music of Pacific Ocean waves.

I can’t avoid to think that it’s a marvel to have tools in our pockets that can help us to document a feeling or save a memory. The rest is vanity.


Photographic sites I see for information

I had an Olympus camera, but I was reached the limit of its capabilities so I investigated which camera could satisfy me without mean a hole in my skinny pocket. After reviewing several models I ended knowing several review sites. Perhaps you already know them, and if not they could be useful for you. The most I see are:

He’s a smart man, he knows he’s driving a spectacle so knows how to get his audience interested. He uses to write in a clever way that people fall in his traps and thinks he is saying contradictory or false statements, meanwhile he laughs and have a great time seeing the buzz of the passionate crowd. As a US citizen he explains clear and directly.

From him I learned to use my equipment as tools, not ornaments; I learned everything I know about filters, tripods, cameras, accessories, terminology, etcetera. Actually I know a lot of English words related to photography but I unknown their equivalent in Spanish.

About his side as a photographer I like his naturalness to compose and the bright colors, but to say the truth I’m more attracted to his opinions.

He is a professional photographer. From him I learned to be careful with my equipment to extract the most of them; the importance to have a language in our images, doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a cell phone or medium format; and his most important lesson to me is to choose always a title for my pictures, sometimes I got good titles, sometimes not.

About his side as a photographer actually he is the perfect reason I don’t want to be ever a photographer, so my link to my pictures is called “my pictures” and not “portfolio” for that motive. It’s not that his photographs have an imperfection, far from that, actually they are perfect, doesn’t matter if he uses his iPhone or his Pentax 645Z. But when I see his photographs I feel that he’s not interested in the subject or object portrayed beyond a medium to get a photograph to show. In my case a camera just matters to save memories and to express feelings of the moment. so: No, I don’t want to be a professional photographer.

His passion for photography don’t translates in a photography with soul.

  • Trey Ratcliff from

He is an adventurer. He travels the world and get amazing views. From him I learned to don’t be afraid of software as a tool to get the photograph in the way I see with my eyes and not in the way the camera, an object, see it. He is amazing because he didn’t study photography so in a certain way he’s a Texan that has built his name with a very personal way to be not related to other photographers in the past. If you search online for “HDR” you’re going to find him for sure.

As a photographer I like very much his photographs of landscapes, but I’m not much attracted when his HDR technique is overdone (what was more in the past and sometimes in urban landscapes) because I feel like I’m having an overdose of candy. But the man is cool.

The legendary photographer. Actually is perhaps the only professional photographer I really, but really, I’m fan. From him I learned to be humble and natural, the important is what you see, not what your camera see.

Besides I purchased my Sony R1 because I saw a TV spot in youtube with him grabbing the camera in India. Of course I know that he uses a Nikon but to me was enough to see what a master like him could make with a camera accessible to me.


And that’s all. To take the photograph I had in my mind from Ken Rockwell the confidence to use my cell phone as the important tool it is; from Ming Thein a careful way to shoot with a composition; from Trey Ratcliff the liberty to edit the photograph until it matched what my eyes saw; and from Steve McCurry to capture a meaningful moment for me.



Dear reader, please clean your screen, there is a dirty spot near the top left.

He, just kidding, it’s from a dirty window. I noticed that a lot of water passed since I posted an image from a cell phone (a cheap and Chinese cell phone of 2 megapixels). A pair of hours ago I went to a laboratory to pick up some processed negatives. I’m experimenting with Fujifilm 400H and an advanced compact camera, with luck the next week I’ll show some pics.

While I was waiting in the laboratory suddenly two girls (tourists from Colombia I think) entered and one with a Nikon with interchangeable lenses asked a filter. I know one thing or two about filters and the ones in the lab actually were going to hurt the quality of her lens (even more she didn’t now what filter to ask despite the diameter was labeled in the front of the lens), and if she wanted an UV filter I grew in a city at almost 4000 meters of altitude (13 000 ft) and we never ever needed UV filters. That made me remember other tourists that take burst of photographs of motionless subjects with high end cameras or cell phones (if I’m not wrong burst is more adequate for sports), or flash at night in the outside to shot far away towers.

Although I understand the use of an interchangeable camera actually I feel much more comfortable with a simple compact camera with a fixed lens, specially if that lens is a zoom. I don’t say nothing to the tourists because I can see that they actually are enjoying their equipment; me too, I enjoy also the equipment I choose, although I think they could take advantage of the online data and manuals to exploit the advantages of their tools. Or perhaps I’m quite obsessive.

soft and kind waves

soft and kind waves

There is a kind of rain that drops gently; it sings an old song that I knew those years when there wasn’t electricity. It’s almost like the world were breathing slowlier and warmly. It’s perfect when there is a bit of sun and you can see a soft vapor and you now that the last drops are going to explode in rainbows. Time to hunt leprechauns I guess ;-)

I took it with a 2mpx generic cell phone’s camera. I processed after that when dxo film pack in a time when it seemed to me a novelty. Today I wouldn’t do the same, I mean, to add fake grain, not my cup of tea (today)

Cell Phone Camera thoughts: Unseen reality

the world behind the mirror

the world through the mirror

I think that a camera phone is an ideal tool to take certain kind of images, usually the ones that don’t require reality fidelity. It’s something similar to film I guess. Of course I am not including cameras in high-end smartphones and much less the lumia 1020 camera. Aside them a basic camera has the goal to be there when there is no other camera around. It is there to find the moment and for that it’s really important to know it to use it correctly.

I take photos with it without filters and in home I process the most of them to get an expression, an idea, the lack of resolution and detail helps with that goal.

huellas invisibles

huellas (invisibles)

ufo attack

UFO attack

Brazo robótico en el Mar de Titán

brazo robótico en el mar de Titán

angels before dawn

Angels before Dawn

pieces in a hidden chess

pieces in a hidden chess

The next post will be about landscape with the cheaper cell phone cameras :-)