Memories of Paucarpata

Rain of light over me

rain of light over me

I know I have not posted longer articles since a time. I am quite busy with my projects. But today I decided to give me a relax and to publish some photographs. These are from some years ago with a point and shoot of four megapixels in a place named Paucarpata.

Walking to another realm

walking to another realm

Paucarpata means “flowery platform” and it’s actually pre-hispanic farm platforms still in use. It’s located in Peru in one of the districts of Arequipa city. I walked with a friend philosopher when I was at university.

Stone by stone...

stone by stone

These barriers made with stone are called “pirka” you can found them in every farmland in the Peruvian highlands, in the deserts of the coast use vegetal fibers instead.

Two old pals talking

two old plas talking



I don’t know if they are related, but I liked so much the idea of family ties in the vast countryside.

A road to fantasy-land

a road to fantasy land



Remains of buildings, exposing the with volcanic rock as a kind of bones after the rain…

Watcher of the sky

watcher of the sky

Light painting softly the countryside

light painting softly the countryside

Seeing from the distance I think the fully automatic little camera did a good job. But that time I was getting closer to its limits…

A last try of warmness

a last try of warmness

And that was just a good time. It was one of the few times I walked with somebody else. Except the last year in July… And I think I can notice that my partners in crime get quickly impatient… I am not the kind of guy that just walk away and snap shots. I like so much to taste the place and see… and walk and get lost in it, even if I cannot get to discover it completely.

I prefer to know a little but well that know  everything but just superficially.

Thinking in a far past

thinking in a far past

Tree winning the race

The tree is winning

Inner tranquility to pass obstacles. Yesterday I had to save data in a CD for a customer and I was in a hurry, the young lady in a public cabin was nervous to do it fast but she erased the data. I just smiled her and said her that she should do it again calmer. She get to do it and I went to leave the data with the customer. I’m sure it would be needed more time if I had been nervous too.

A little river in Schiarakates

The ending sunset

The ending sunset

Schiarakates (pronounced more or less she-are-ah-kah-thes) sounds a bit like Greek. It is supposedly in Pukina Arawak language, spoken once in the Andean Plateau of the lake Titicaca, but this place is in Arequipa, in the desert near the coast so it means it was created or ruled in one of the expansion of the old kingdoms from the lake. I don’t speak it, I think nobody speak it know, but it would mean “Hill of the Shimmering Heights.”

Now the place is miscalled Characato and that name has significance for the people born in Arequipa, they identify themselves with pride as Characatos. I went someday to prepare some documents for a customer and took my faithful camera to take some pics ;-)

The fields

two clouds running across the meadows

two clouds running across the meadow

If not...

if not…

Singer stream

Singer stream







In the frame a map of a world in black and white

in the frame a map of a world in black and white

The little river

I liked a lot the little stream with their vegetation and quietness. Although there was a bit of garbage what is strange because people from Arequipa uses to be quite clean in reference to public spaces. Also is truth that I saw more garbage near the highways and little streams always collect fallen objects.

Golden waterfall

Golden waterfall

The story of you with many like me

the story of you with many like me



Almost a kiss

almost a kiss

The afternoon in the countryside

the afternoon in the countryside

Little waterfall of scarlet hairs

little waterfall of scarlet hairs

threeshold to a world in darkness

Threeshold to a world in darkness (published previously)

A light that shines in the dark forest

A light that shines in the dark forest

Lost in the forest

lost in the forest

I'm a dark creature waiting in the dark side

I’m a dark creature waiting in the dark side

sunset in the empty field

sunset in the empty field

Don't dare to turn your back on me!

Don’t dare to turn your back on me!

Selfie of a shadow

selfie of a shadow

Final view

And that was all. At night dogs from the farms can be very territorial so I went back to the little city.

Sun descending to the kingdoms of the night

Sun descending to the kingdoms of the night