Yanahuara – Main square of volcanic ashlar

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

ashlars arches tinted of orange morning painting the floor with shadows

After my travel to Ilo in exchange of a favor I had to verify data in return in the Yanahuara’s City Hall. It’s a district in Arequipa city. I don’t like so much the sun of the morning in the desert, nor to make bureaucratic requests. But I had to go there so I took some pics of the plaza in the morning.

council of palm trees judging red man

Council of palm trees judging red man

I imagine the high council condemned to the red man to a wooden jail. Yanahuara is a residential district whose history spans to pre-Hispanic times. National tourists like to get some photos in the Gazebo because it looks colonial but actually was made in the seventies XP

Energy in wood

energy in wood

Tables of light

tables of light

I saw a nice sculpture, but there is no reference to the sculptor. A search in internet doesn’t reveal nothing neither.

Under the crust

under the crust

Seeing the people run

seeing the people run

The artist made a great work in my opinion. There was a big tree next to the church so I shot it and also I get some details of the colonial, in this case indeed it’s from 1750, church San Juan Bautista.

a tower white and another green

a tower white and another green

Eternal tweens

eternal twins

Light touching the white stone

light touching the white stone

Volcanic fire

volcanic fire

tree praying to a blue temple

tree praying to a blue temple

A tree growing. It makes me think in Odin, a god sacrificing to himself…

Palm army prepared to conquest the world

palm army prepared to conquest the world

Sequence in vermillion

sequence in vermillion

And that was all. I went to fulfill a promise and everything finished well. Time to fly before the midday sun in the white blinding stone.

arrangement of colors and a closed door

arrangement of colors and a closed door





Since kid I love to travel in dark highways to see the distant lights from the cities appear like islands of lights in a black night. Galaxies exploding in several stars. The best feeling was the first time I travelled to Qosqo (Cusco or Cuzco) the old capital of the empire.

In those times the best way to travel from Puno to there was by train, the city appeared late at night and I could see dragons and pumas in the constellation of the city. Figures hiding a message to whom could read them. It was a fortunate event, if I would went by day I would discover that the old capital there exists no more, instead there is another that ignores about the magic in the previous city.

Wayra – About Wind

Wind is…


… a whisper

…invisible motion and movement.

Mill of dusks

… the hand that makes rotate a tired world

… Verba volant, scripta manent, that meant that oral words are divine because they can fly.

powerful wings

… the spirit breaking limits

… the shared desire to soar the skies in dreams; Daedalus, free to create.

yellow end of the world

… what makes sing to trees

… the memory that bring us the objects we have forgotten.

into the cold a warm color

… the tremble of the petals

… the sound of you alone with you.

red watch

… a patient and eternal sculptor

… sometimes a destroyer, sometimes a creator.


… a force that wipes out the world

…. the invisible hand calling you.


… a premonition, something is going to happen.


Wayra (pronounced why-rah) is the aymara word for wind.

Waiting for Hooper


One of my favorite painters is Hooper. The tones, the way he paints the light, the life in the modernity. It’s like see a truth I suspected but don’t noticed till see mirrored in his art.

I always wonder how I could do spaces where effectively the myth of the city as a place to gathering could be real. Perhaps the Greeks were right when said that a city should have a limited size and nothing more, of course we had to change the slaves for robots :D