Twilight Dragon

twilight dragon

The light in your eyes says another name and suddenly bright thoughts left transmuted in ashes of a party day of a far yesterday. This night is a navigating pain in the memory of your eyes shining like beautiful moons sculpted in ice. What is this time that ends in nothing?; What is this circle that never closes for?

I don’t want to find out why I care about the light in your eyes.

Little person seeing the infinite

little person seeing the infinite


Perhaps you cannot see it in this size, always you can click it to see the image bigger, but there is the silhouette of a person in the window, in the point of the landscape. Perhaps a human-shadow, perhaps me in the past :P It’s precisely in the centre of that big eye, Can you see it? the circle of the sun would be the pupil, its light the iris and the clouds the eyelashes.

But also could be truth that that person is actually seeing me.

Two skies

two skies

This is a nice place in Puno city, it’s a dock owned by José Antonio hotel. The staff was kind to allow me to see the landscape there despite to be just a pedestrian. I didn’t say that I publish my photographs so they did it wholeheartedly.

As usual in Tuesday I’ll publish a longer post with more pics ;-)