Painted with light

Painted with light

White color in architecture although it could be felt a bit lifeless actually can be very animated if there are two conditions: there are alive elements as plants and if you study the game of volumes with artificial and natural lights.

Without vegetation empty walls can seem classy as Greek ruins but also dead as Greek ruins.

Now if you want to really take advantage of white walls then you have to let the colors of sky tint them with every gradation of red, purple and indeed every colour you can find in the nature. And also are the artificial sources that even can mirrors your mood.

This was taken in Compañía de Jesús cloisters. It’s a place quite silent despite its location in the centre of the busy city.

Old Patio

old patio


Our lives are sometimes as figures in tiles in a checkerboard, but as in a dream we are pawns or kings, just the same kind of pieces with different names and shapes but the same anyway, and we are the players, and secretly everyone is the pawn that believes to obey and the king that believes to lead. There are no enemies or friends or destiny, just us dreaming being played for someone  that actually is just you.