Tablet vs APS-C Camera

steps color blood

Steps color blood (Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500)

Twilight of blue, white and red

Twilight of blue, white and red (Sony R1, aps-c camera)

As I wrote the past week these comparisons are not meant to declare winners, they aren’t technical images but curiosity about the difference among the use of different cameras. If something I’ve learned is that the best is to just use one camera.

I like both images, but the first from the tablet required more edition to match what I saw with my eyes because the colors were dull, the white balance quite warm and the sky a bit washed out. There is one minute of difference between these photographs.

Which one is more closer to reality? The one with the old Sony R1. The sky had that blue, the light in the wall was soft and not harsh as the tablet version could suggest. Despite that I think the tablet version ended quite expressive.

Which one is more convenient to use? In this case the tablet was easier to use. The Sony needed a tripod (it has a bad high iso response) with little freedom to shoot. The tablet was just point and shoot. I know there is noise but I don’t see nothing wrong or bad in that.

Smugmug and Flickr: How they render in posts.

(Editing 2019, I am so sorry dear readers. Flickr changed its politic, with good and respectable reasons, and free accounts are now limited. It will be prudent to not using it. I am not deleting the post for it can be useful as a memory)

First a disclaimer, I have not connection with Flickr and Smugmug. I have accounts in both services, in the case of Flickr it came with the yahoo account and in the case of smugmug I subscribed with a monthly payment from my own money. So this is my opinion, not advertisement.

Before to start to publish daily here in WordPress I wanted to publish my photographs. I took my time to process my photographs till to match my vision. So I want that you can see what I try to show you, dear reader. I started with Flickr because it’s free and from a serious company, but I notice that my photographs have a sharpening I didn’t put in them. I can’t find how to avoid or revert this, because it makes my photographs different. I tried Smugmug and it renders better to my expectations. I don’t say it’s better for you, but to my needs and goals certainly it is. Said that if you have an answer to my question about the flickr sharpening I’d love to read it, because I am not photographer so certainly I don’t need a sophisticated service, just one that show my photographs the same way I intend them.

First the Smugmug version:

(I’ve no more a Smugmug account)

Now the Flickr version, actually I am not very sure how to post a link from Flickr so I am using two links provided, the first seem more accurate but anyway it is a bit different from my original archive and the second is definitively with artifacts (see the burned ichu or grass in the bottom left):

(Here there were images)

I don’t know what it’s going on, certainly I’d prefer the free Flickr service but I cannot get to publish the images the way I want. I know that I could let them in Flickr but then again I don’t want to publish in Flickr but in WordPress because my interest is not just photography. I couldn’t find clear information to how to post from flickr to wordpress, there are three options but when I select any of them it’s not integrated to put a title as I did with the smugmug version.


I’m so sorry for the lack of a comparative. In February of 2015 I couldn’t continue with my Smugmug account, it’s a high quality service and Flickr is too. You can’t go wrong with both and the difference in rendering is not important.