Art inside

art inside


I’d just want a hole in the wall so its art would be the changing sky.

I can dream designs of complex structures and shapes dressed in titanium flakes,

oriental arches with golden vaults and sultry textures of oriental splendor…

But instead I just want a hole to see the sky, and nothing, or nobody, more (-_-‘)

Blue sky window

blue sky window

I find this wall fascinating as an architect. It’s the wall of a house in the borders of Juliaca city. I can guess that it’s a house made with adobe but with time the owners get more wealthy so they covered it with concrete and replaced the old window with a modern one, reflexive and almost frameless. The woods almost hidden are the structure to support a wooden floor. The difference in the texture indicate that after the first covering with concrete and the shape suggest that the owners thought in a kitchen, laundry or bathroom so it was needed to pick the concrete to new installations.

I find this wall interesting because I like contrasts, that piece of sky counterposed to the rustic concrete.

Concreto y Azul



When I was a child I liked to see in the encyclopedias the great architectural works of Greeks, Romans, Incas, and Egyptians. Without paints on their walls I thought them as strong designs that didn’t need ornaments to justify its presence: until the day I discovered that the vast most of them had coverings in colorful paintings…
Said that, I like to apply colors to my architectural designs, but I need to feel that those colors respond to a function or intention, mostly psychological. Nothing is free in this live, you now.
The building in the photo is creation of a builder. I think there was no architect involved. I loved just like that: with the concrete exposed. When it finished with a cream paint and, of course, windows, it looked so normal; I felt that it lost its raison d’être.