Achilles Paradox



I have three favorites ways to travel: On foot, at every step you own the world with your senses, you aren’t dependent of another one will; inside an aguayo (it’s a square textile, enough big to wrap a child, the women put it in its back to carry everything) it’s so warm, someday I’ll put aguayo’s photos; and on a trycicle, they’ve the driver behind and you are commanding the wind. I don’t like cars, trains although sometimes I like planes but I would prefer paragliding.

The idea is freedom.

Bridge Between Zephyrs



There is a book by Sabato, “Abaddón el exterminador” or the translated version “The angel of Darkness” where the main character is emerging from a dark underworld, populated by creatures related to us but so different that lives and dies with their own laws and motivations. But then he get to emerge to ground, meanwhile he is ascending he can hear the sounds of the constant Buenos Aires’s rumor that in their unending road insinuate the distant lights and the myriads and myriads of people.

A city as Buenos Aires would be, more than a machine, an organism so complex that it would be an inscrutable, almost magic, place to any creature, even if it emerges from an unknown and secret underworld.

Vespertine Titan



Certainly there is a fascination with the astrology. Fascination that I don’t share because the stars in our hemisphere are different of those in the northern hemisphere. (the Chakana, Crux or Southern Cross, is one survivor of the old celestial map) So I guess we are free from any prediction.

I think that’s a liberating notion. That there is no destiny, and if it exists it isn’t bonded to the stars. Even more when you know that the stars are ghosts of things that happened years ago, centuries ago, ages ago. millions ago, billions ago…

Our only nexus could be that the stars are our grandparents, stardust.

I would like to know which planet is in the photograph I took that dawn (It’s in the middle above the volcano). I’d like to believe that it’s Jupiter, but perhaps it is Venus.

They say bigger is better so you can click the image to see it full screen ;-)




Today I went to downtown to pay a register, and noticed several couples in the street or girls going to meet their half oranges. I see that most people has some relief in celebrate this day cause is a predefined day to share some love. I haven’t a girlfriend now but at the same time I am grateful to not have a girlfriend today. Today I see as a day of compromise to obligatory do something special, although this “special” always is go to eat to some place, a red rose and the time to exhibit the (official) couple to the best places the pocket can endure.

I am not against that, in fact I understand the couples expect those rituals. But to me that ends in a never ending game of do some actions in some predetermined times and places without much heart or mind but a calendar reflex. That’s a reason to not have girlfriend today, (or to not be had for a girlfriend), like religions the custom kills the spirit.




In one page from an infinite book Borges wrote that when young he preferred the sunset more than the sunrises; but when he grow older the sunrises, with the promise of the beginning of a new life, more life, were preferable to the former.

I am not sure of that division: I always preferred dawns even when I like the sunsets and I adore the night. I had a happy childhood, indeed every child is happy even in the worst contexts, but two specific conditions made me appreciate the sunrises: the latitude near the Ecuador in the highlands in the proximities of the Titicaca Lake and the eighty’s terrorists; the first condition means that the sunsets are at 5:30pm or 6:15 pm so the sunsets are earlier than other places (although perhaps is that the hour is set with the reference of the distant coast so the difference is totally noticeable) and the second condition means that the terrorist attacks let us without electric energy, so after the sunset there was a short period with candles and finally to sleep. That was pretty normal in those years and to me and the other children in the city that was part of the life, we played, laughed, and everything a child can do in those circumstances. Actually even today I enjoy periods, let’s say a month or two in the year, without light, music nor sounds.

So, although I was sleeping deep, the dawn has a significance of more time to play, and to see curious creatures, read encyclopedias, tales and to hunt cats (there were some feral kittens that I wanted to get as pets, but they were so fast!)