Face waiting to meet the wave

Face waiting to meet the wave


That element, standing in the middle right, seemed to me like a kind of head: stubborn in challenge the sea. A sunny morning entertained into ripping off gleams to the sea.


Ese elemento, en el medio a la derecha, me parecía como una especie de cabeza: terco en enfrentar al mar. Una mañana soleada que se entretiente arrancando destellos al mar.



Today the workers finished their work in the building, one I designed; now is time for windows and tiles and paint. But the crazy part is about the legal documents. I gave them photographs of them working (they asked for them) so I hope they have a nice memory.

We worked without safety measures, I say “we” because I had to do the same to see the construction; sometimes I had to help to build the beams, the slab and the electrical connections… I did it not for the customer but to get my design into the reality.


Hoy los trabajadores terminaron su labor en el edificio, uno de los que diseñé; ahora es tiempo para cristales, mayólicas y pintura. Pero la parte que me vuelve loco son los documentos legales. Les di fotografías de ellos trabajando (ellas me las pidieron) espero que sea un buen recuerdo para ellos.

Trabajamos sin medidas de seguridad. Digo “nosotros” porque trabajé en las mismas condiciones; a veces incluso ayudé a construir las vigas, la losa y las instalaciones eléctricas… No lo hice por el cliente sino más para que mi diseño fuese parte de la realidad.

The equilibrist

The equilibrist

In the elementary school I was very good in the exercise to practice equilibrium over a thin wooden beam to jump to a ring, once I was selected to practice it in public but I was so afraid that I didn’t do anything. Last weekend in the building I designed I had to walk a thin wooden board to set the formwork of a concrete beam, in one side there was five meters of a fall to concrete stairs and to the other side was a fall of ten meters to the neighbour roof. Everything withouth safety equipment…

I felt what I feel when I am lost in the cold of the nature; or climbing also without nothing more than a pair of shoes a jean a shirt and a backpack with water and a camera; or fighting to don’t die in the dangerous blocks. The life suddenly seems a wooden beam so thin and light, so fragile…

First line of defense

first line of defense

I think this place is like the ones seen in dreams… perhaps is one of those intermediate zones, where dream blends with reality; suddenly Sir Francis Drake could appear there to rest in middle of his way to Panama, and we would discuss about the coincidence to have the same name (I’m not Francisco but Francis) and after that he would return to his ship in the past (or present) and I would walk to the city in the present (or future)…

The Humboldt stream brings water  from the Antarctic sea, I’d like to think that that’s the reason the ocean there has those fantastic colors.


Also I love that the rock seems an open mouth like this “:v” lol

I’ll stand here

I´ll stand here

I check regularly the spam folder of messages. Usually they are about spambots offering SEO tools to improve the traffic. I’m not worried about the popularity of this space, anybody is invited to see, and anybody that decides to leave is free to go with a warm thanks for his/her visit. I don’t want to leave forests of “likes” in thousands of blogs to receive more likes, once I considered to hide that option but according to our culture that would be unpolite, be capable to leave likes but don’t let to others to have that option; I don’t want to leave false commentaries just to add trafic to my page: I don’t want to post images or write things I don’t like just to catch the attention of others; I don’t want sponsors to… er? ehem!, well, actually that would be nice xD, but I seldom buy things so I think that’s not possible.

I prefer to stand here.