Make it light

make it light


I love flares. They give an appearance of science fiction and happiness to things. My life when kid was in an old adobe house with rationed electricity so naturally I always was attracted by computers, metallic instruments and artificial lights. I loved the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the plot and the photography and the flares. I didn’t see the original TV show (I saw the next generation with Patrick Stewart) but sure know I’m much more familiar with the characters.

The photograph was taken from the second floor of a fast food restaurant in La Paz, people was seeing a match of the Bolivian national team, perhaps they guessed my foreign origin when I preferred to sit instead in a place to see the city through a dirty window. Of course I couldn’t let pass those flares ;-)

Sculptures in green

sculptures in green

This is the main plaza in Puno city. The trees are always pruned in certain shapes. Some are birds and some others I don’t know. I understand it’s quite hard to shape a tree. In little cities I used to climb the trees, Puno was a kind of unicorn due to the city hall’s watchers, and well, now it would be quite hard to climb without being taken to jail XD

Velocity of two realms

velocity of two realms

Arequipa city is in the Peruvian south, near the coast. A valley in the borders of the desert. For that reason when I’m there I try to go to the outside at night. The river is called Chili and I like to think in the traffic like another river running to the opposite direction.

Two realms although close never overlapping. Never touching each other.

Wings of volcanic stone

Wings of volcanic stone


One of my favorite combinations are blue with orange, like a soft fire rotating inside a cube of ice in a blue artic ocean. The angel is in a corner of a church in Arequipa city and I guess she’s going to the university for the way she covers her chest with the book.

Yesterday I got a new and cheap glass for my old spectacles, I’m searching in internet models to buy, and well, at least I got some work to do so in a pair of months I could get adequate glasses. Today in the bus was a foreigner girl, judging by their bags from the market, her cared nails and formal dress she lives here; tourists are practical so they use the minimum and usually use colorful clothes from the markets. I still find quite exotic the ladies with white or black skin because in our country we all are usually mixed so we have several shades of tanned skins; she has one of the clearest tones of skin I saw, for that and the bit I heard of her accent I guess she’s from the north of Europe.

With more days in Flickr also I see something I don’t understand, I’m receiving, besides friends bloggers, “followings” from people I don’t know (that’s normal) and apparently haven’t seen my photographs (that’s not normal) Seeing their profiles they follow tens of thousands of people (!). Usually our native etiquette would say me that in correspondence I’d to follow them but in this case it seems that the follows are not a gesture towards me but towards them. I hope to be wrong but I believe it could be another symptom of the facebook phenomenon: there is a hunger for followers and likes and the endorphins they produce. Some time I thought in disable the option of likes in my blog but actually I use it to discover bloggers of persons that put their heart in their work and art and it wouldn’t be fair to let gestures of acknowledge and at the same time close that option in me space. So actually if I drop a like in your space it’s not a check of read post but I truly appreciate it; if I don’t drop one is just because that post is that I appreciate your post but it’s not for me. But they aren’t to me something more than a kind gesture.

The angel of the afternoon.