Esteves Island

esteves island


Actually I don’t like the Estebes Island’s hotel, it’s so alien to Puno, so western. And if I would be a US or European tourist I’d found a bit not so interesting find a building like thousands in Europe or USA. Don’t get me wrong. It’s well designed and taken in account the epoch has nice details but I can’t find the connection between this building and the old sacred lake, it’s the perfect building in the wrong location. The architects (very good by the way) were young architects from Lima, the far capital city. I guess the goal was to do a reference to a vessel navigating the lake.

Years ago when me and my brothers were children our parents take us to there. I remember very well and warmly the gardens and the view in the afternoon, I don’t remember the building very well but that night I dreamt the building in a nightmare, we were as spiders and the building didn’t allow to enter, it was a dead white box with the most beautiful gardens outside.