Chemin boisé

chemin bois

Wow, I did it in 99 when I was in high school. I used my favorite tools to illustrate: Faber Castell watercolor pencils, and to the blacks trucks a charcoal pencil. In 99 film was king in photography so I couldn’t think in it as a medium to express, it was more a way to document but different to what my eyes saw so naturally I’d prefer to use colors pencils. I was happy when discovered charcoal pencils because the blacks with them could be so intense.

I’m not sure what illustration used to inspire the drawing, I think it was from an encyclopedia and I don’t know why but I think in Stuttgart.

Today I went to art stores to get special papers to use with color pencils. Sadly the city where I am today is famous for his watercolor artists so they have just papers and cardboards to watercolor and pencil. I’m going to buy, as always, from ebay or other online place.

I don’t know why I’ve to buy things as film, filters, papers, books, comics, from far away countries. The positive side is that you get so much fuel to your desires that they end triumphing.