The night of the human moths

Tears in fire

Tears in fire TTTnTTT

There are a race of hunters interested in human beings, to chase them they take advantage of the fascination for light of our species. Hidden I got to see their work.

Placing the bait
Elemental castles

elemental castles

They prepare their traps at day, with lines they erect temporal structures.

Cubes, lines and a star of six points

cubes, lines and a star of six points

Song of fire

And at night they fire them, to gather and harvest the human moths.

Fury in Fire

fury in fire

I can barely bear the vision of the light… so haunting, so spectacular…

Electrical garden

electrical garden

A red flower that exists for around a heartbeat to vanish into the black without stars.

Two stars

two stars


blooming flower

A burning temple

a burning temple

Heart of the night

heart of the night

Rock star

rock star

Lord of Smoke

lord of smoke



"Welcome to hell" said the devil

“welcome to hell” said the devil

Grand Finale

grand finale

End of the night

And the lights starts to vanish. The hunters are going to harvest the mesmerized crowd.

Magic world, ask a wish

magic world, make a wish

The spectacular death of a brief Giant of Fire

map of an island called atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

Map of an Island called Atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

In part building castles in the air is an art. Of course castles in this context doesn’t mean a building of stone with kings and princess but a structure made with reed designed to contain the armature of fireworks. It’s a Peruvian tradition but I don’t remember see it in TV in another country. It’s used for middle size celebrations, usually neighborhood anniversaries. A way to remember the creation of a group destroying with fire a figure.

Building a giant to conquest the world

Building a giant to conquest the world

The art of destroying castles with fire requires skill and imagination from the master at charge. It’s assembly the same day of the celebration because it’s in the public street, so I guess it’s mildly legal and more something authorized by tradition. As it’s a celebration food, beer and a priest is important. I don’t follow any religion and I dislike beer since kid so I just go to see the castles. Every year it’s chosen a different family from the neighborhood to hire the master of castles to the next year. This castle is in a little block of Arequipa city.

Abstract and natural

Abstract and natural

As you can see above they’re not simple creatures. The spectacle has to last at least near half an hour so it requires several levels, a little theatre of lights with different colors exploding one after the other.

Goldie in fire

Gold in fire

The spectacle starts, the master choose first a rain of gold (that last should sound good but sadly means another thing too xD)

Electrical language

electrical language

The colors starts to fire the song of an electric angel, turning into silhouettes to the assistants.

Smog and Fire

smog and fire

Like a slow breathing before a new fireworks show the giant have a little pause. The silhouettes are humans again for a while.

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Now the fireworks yell intense colors in his body of six hearts.

Feathers of phoenix

Feathers of phoenix

Always the fire shine more when its final is closer. There is a jewel in the night and as a sunset it’s going to be unrepeatable (so I’ll take some pics :P)

Zeus unbounded

Zeus unbounded

A last robe of white color. so in that way the spectacle ends. But the party continues so the fireworks are send to the sky to explode in roses of several colors, messengers lost in the night.

Night's Spirit flying to the borders of the space

Spirit flying to the borders of the space

But the beer is going to last until the next midday and even after that the body says (perhaps) enough.


Trois couleurs

A street of fire

A street of fire

A street with fire of a celebration. The light comes from a structure with fireworks called “the castle,” it works this way: when a neighborhood has an anniversary there is a family chosen to be a kind of godfathers and finance a castle and music with food.

Usually those parties end with a lot of beer, and I dislike so much the beer xP, for that I just see them when they fire the castle.

Let’s turn the night in day – A list of 80’s music songs

let's turn the night in day


I was a kid in 80’s but there was no much opportunity to hear music (yep, tough years) And mostly I hear music from past decade or 90’s. But I was thinking in the songs I like from 80’s. It’s personal, I guess some names could be added. Several of them I heard in 90’s or even barely this year so hearing a great part of them doesn’t transport me to that age. They aren’t ordered by preference, except perhaps the first song composed by Vangelis that I always like to hear and I’m not including songs in Spanish language because that list would be quite long.

And the winners are ta-da-da-dam: