Moquegua at afternoon

Moquegua at afternoon

I’m traveling again, now to my city in the highlands. I decided to don’t bring any camera with me to have a kind of rest and empty my mind… Said that my time in internet is quite scarce, I’m sorry if these days I cannot follow your blogs dear mates, in some days I’ll see you with the needed calm, I don’t believe in just click like buttons but to read and see with calm until understand..

The photograph is in the way to Moquegua city in the south, Did I say that I love flares? Well, I say it again :P

Make it light

make it light


I love flares. They give an appearance of science fiction and happiness to things. My life when kid was in an old adobe house with rationed electricity so naturally I always was attracted by computers, metallic instruments and artificial lights. I loved the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the plot and the photography and the flares. I didn’t see the original TV show (I saw the next generation with Patrick Stewart) but sure know I’m much more familiar with the characters.

The photograph was taken from the second floor of a fast food restaurant in La Paz, people was seeing a match of the Bolivian national team, perhaps they guessed my foreign origin when I preferred to sit instead in a place to see the city through a dirty window. Of course I couldn’t let pass those flares ;-)