Falling cross

falling cross

But don’t throw the water of the Looooord!

The first time I went to Machu Picchu (until now I’ve went thrice) I was nine years old if I’m not wrong. Parents gave a camera to a lady that probably had a problem in her hands, because I think she couldn’t have more than sixty years of age, but they had a terrible tremble. That was the first time I could have a bit of money and bought a disposable film camera that I couldn’t use because it was needed more money for the rolls of film and the development.

She was extraordinarily catholic, not in the way as people in Puno use to be, I mean mixing Catholicism with the own religion, but she was strictly Catholic. When we were in the Sacred Valley I was thirsty and there was a little waterfall, I asked to the lady with the camera of my parents if I could drink from that water and she exclaimed “Of course! That’s Lord’s Water”, I still can remember that she pronounced it with capitals :D, I understood that the water was from the lord or owner of that part of the valley and guessed she was afraid that him could have heard my offending question. In the afternoon I noted that I was catching a cold and the water felt freeze so I threw it, suddenly I noticed the lady was staring me with surprised and shocked eyes and a shadow of anger. Late I realized that her “lord” was her Lord Jesus…

In my defense, because I try to be careful to don’t offend the beliefs of others, I can’t imagine why Jesus would be the owner of a land unknown to anybody from the Middle East until a few centuries ago…

The lady perhaps paid me because that, at the end of the travel, with blurred photographs mostly about my classmates XP


a lady and the nfinite

a lady and the infinite


Some night a colleague called me. Apparently he needed to travel to Cotahuasi Canyon, to an obscure city called Huaynacotas to take some measures from a project but the journey last fifteen hours and to come back it’s needed at least two days. So he offered me to go with everything paid. I said oki doki so I took a bus to a city I’ve never heard before.

A road half ended, a super violent movie, and several hours after I arrived to the capital city, Cotahuasi, and I had to wait one hour more before another bus took me to Huaynacotas. There are buses just very early before the sunrise and in the afternoon to take the last buses to Arequipa from Cotahuasi. So I was prepared to stay between one or even five days.

But the mayor wasn’t in town (he was a day of distance in car) so I hadn’t nobody to take me to the distant places to measure. I went to the city hall to study the documents and used the few hours before go to the buses to take some photographs. I am not tourist, nor photographer, but I think there are some things that shouldn’t be forgotten, so I share some of them.

The morning was cold, but with the course of the day there was a sunny day.

arch in blue

arch in blue



Every town has moved from it’s original place, this is because the mess Spaniards caused when they invaded the Empire. The original place was probably in the ruins upside, it’s in the red top:

red ruins and blue gate

red ruins facing the blue gate

a typical day in the church

a typical day under the church

clouds as sheeps

flock of clouds

let's talk

let’s talk

just a tree

tree preparing to colonize

arequipa avenue

Arequipa Avenue


free the colors!

don't forget me

don’t forget me

fashion red

Fashion Red



I noticed a tendency in women dresses to use red or fuchsia tones. In Perú you can guess the precedence of a women from the colors or designs they have in their vestment. Of course that doesn’t apply to Peruvian western women because with their clothing you cannot guess their city but their shopping center ; – )



midday in midgarden

Midday in Midgarden



sylvester and fiery

sylvester and fiery

door essential

door essential

garden from dreams

Garden from dreams

breeze b


last wall from forbidden palace

erosion by blue

A polarizer it’s indispensable for everything that has light reflected as leaves, and with the harsh midday light it can be the difference between a shot that represent what we see against a chaos of white glints. But I reduced the intense blue it give to the atmosphere because that’s very dark compared with the natural midday blue.





fire in the highlands

dancers in the top of the burning hill

bitter fruits

Bitter fruits

flower constellation

Flower Constellation

As eternal proof to the person who sent me that I was there and not in an Arequipa hotel with alcohol, drugs and girls I took a selfie with my original hat from La Paz ;-), although I’d carried my light hat to hot weather because the temperature was a bit oppressive, this because it’s just to 2700 meters above the sea level (my own city is a thousand meters higher), and the day before I cut my cheek with the razor blade so I guess I arrived to Huaynacotas made a completely mess, lol.

the hat


old road

old road



the high parliament of trees

High Parliament of Trees

serene march

Serene march

sinuous path

Sinuous path

rain is coming to the fields

Hungry ground for clouds

let's work the infinite

let’s work the infinite

come in don't be shy

Cyclop with Chinese hat

the world is a temple

red lips of Snow White

red walker in a sunny day

red walker in a sunny day

That was Huaynacotas, a place were women love red in their clothes, the houses are made of adobe, where there is a red watcher that speaks of ancient times, where everyday you see mountains, forests, roads that need days to go to anywhere and where your life is longer because one day there is like a week in a big city. It would be nice to be more time to understand it better. I’m aymara and found another from my kin there, a gentle woman that came from a city near my own city; Huaynacotas is actually a quechua town so in a certain way it’s like travel to a familiar realm but with those little differences that for be so similar are at the same time so big. I found kind people, I hope they are doing well.

Behind the wall


Behind the wall

I’d like that my photographs and images were bigger in the screen, it seems that I had to pay to have that option. I like the template of my theme but certainly to a better lecture I’d prefer bigger fonts, a different font for contents and display the images bigger.

Or is it right just thus? Meanwhile as always click to see them bigger ;-)

Cell Phone Camera thoughts: Sketches

una flor amarilla

Una flor amarilla


I think one reason to consider a cell phone as a useful photographic tool is its immediate answer to the circumstances, it’s already in your pocket and it’s already turned on. It has just a focal length and everything is on focus so you have just to point and shoot. In these days even there are sensor/lenses modules to add to the smartphone. In this moment I wouldn’t buy a compact camera besides my cameras with bigger sensors, instead I would prefer a simple and portable smartphone and perhaps one of those modules. Of course I say it from the perspective of an amateur, I don’t want to be carrying kilos of equipment, I want to enjoy the places I go instead of be worried about tripods, flashes, specialized backpacks, etcetera.

The first photograph was made with a cheap camera from a generic cell phone with 2 megapixels in the Incan ruins of Chucuito. The stones are from the Imperial Period under the blue sky of the early afternoon. It has all kind of defects: noise in daylight, chromatic aberrations, corner softness (or dirty lens?) and I guess a lot of other details. But speaking in terms of composition it’s perfectly what I wanted.

In my landscape photography I want that everything is in focus, in portrait too. I’ve noted that my (female) friends are the ones that love portraits with bokeh, I guess because they’re educated with fashion photography of models in fields of medium format bokeh. A cell phone has everything in focus, with my other cameras I’ve to try to find the infinite focus and I’m still struggling with the function of stacking photos in enfuse.


oniric landscape

oniric landscape

I think that when a man and a woman are in the intimate moment of sex doesn’t mind if they have fifty years of studies, a degree in mechatronic, or one is legally poor, those titles are not going to go to the bed: they are nothing more and nothing less that a naked man and a naked woman. The same way when someone takes a photograph the important is not the camera but the mind behind it. Certainly anyone can press the shutter of any camera but the question is why it deserves to be pressed. I’ve seen a lot of people to take with their cell phones or DSLR cameras in mode of taking several frames per second to static subjects as if they were taking sport action… For that reason I don’t give so much importance to technical reviews, they are true but the technical needs for amateurs are covered since years ago.




When you use a cell phone there is a time to turn it on, access the camera app and fire it. Usually, and now much less, it has a lag, so you have to anticipate. I fired the camera one second before for the child were exactly in that position in the photograph. That’s important because that make you think before to photograph. You are not an addition to the camera that serves to press its shutter button but you are a human with intentions and ideas, the camera is your tool, and if you know it it’s your faithful tool.




I’ve reading about cameras whose lens can give to an scene a tridimensional effect. I think that could be right with zeiss or fujinon lenses. But also is true that getting a 3D  effect is more about the perfect positioning of the camera, the height related to the ground, the verticality of the lines. To the aribalo I choose to frame it using an isometric view, naturally in photography it’s always a perspective but I tried to reduce the effect to a mathematical aspect.




Even with a compact camera the macro function would be blurred the background. In this case I had to compose with the background as an important part of the photography, there was no opportunity to hide it with bokeh, so I had to take it in consideration for the composition. In this case to balance the intense color and to divide the rectangle in a square with the flower and the bee in its axis.




A common camera phone has a very limited dynamic range. It could be counteracted with a graduated filter but I think that going against the idea of a tool that has to be immediate. You have to choose between to save the highlights or the shadows, there is no intermediate points. And that’s not a defect if one use it to compose an image.


renaissance perspective

Renaissance perspective

A picture taken with a cell phone camera can be replicated with a different camera if someone wants more details or work better an idea that could work with a camera with a bigger sensor. Just you have to take in account the focal length of the phone (usually 35mm or wider) and the position. The first image is with the cell phone, the next is with a Sony R1 (aps-c sensor), I think I prefer the first:

renaissances perspective

Here is another one. I couldn’t replicate what I captured with the cell phone:

the eye in the forest

the eye in the forest

in the forest

in the forest


So I believe that this photos, this sketches, hasn’t worth just because it could (or couldn’t depending of the skill) prepare the ideas for cameras with bigger sensors but they itself can produce nice sketches with esthetical value.



freedom army

freedom army

warrior eyes

warrior eyes

love triangle

love triangle

street musicians

street musicians

the sun in our hearts

the sun in our hearts



perpetual movement

perpetual movement

titicaca sunrise

Titicaca sunrise

the house

the house

a rose

a rose

I dare

I dare